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Graduate Programs Council

March 12, 2008

Present: Kent Brorson, Kristelle Miller, Tiffany Smith, Joyce Strand (guest), Julie Ernst, Jackie Millslagle.

Excused: Helen Rallis, Denny Falk, Sara Neff.


  1. Course change. Educ 7005, Teaching and Learning in a Systems Context, 3 cr., course change proposal. Course has been updated and seeking approval for Graduate School credit. Question about lack of testing as an assessment. Motion to approve/second. Carried.
  2. New course. Educ 8018, Statistical Analysis in Educational Research, 3 cr. Joyce Strand explained some of the background of the advanced statistics requirement in the Ed.D. as it relates to the intent of the program. There was also a question on course level and whether it should be 5xxx level; it will be doctoral only. Motion to approve with minor changes/second. Carried.
  3. New course. CSD 5250, Seminar in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 1 cr. Question raised around the ability to repeat the course. Jackie will clarify with the author how a repeated section would be assessed and will solicit a vote by email. [NOTE: resolved, approved]
  4. CSD 5195, Special Topics: Management of Communication Disorders in Persons with Tracheostomy, Ventilator Dependency, and Laryngectomy, 1 cr. Motion to approve/ second / Carried.
  5. SPED 5195, Special Topics: Transition and Independence for Students with Visual Impairment and Multiple Disabilities, 3 cr. Motion to approve/second/carried.
  6. Course change. CSD 5230, Advanced Applications in Communication Modalities, added course components. Motion to approve/second. Carried.
  7. New course. Educ 7010, Current Issues, Theories and Practices in Educational Technology, 3 cr. This is a new course in the M.Ed. Motion to approve/second. Carried.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder