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Graduate Programs Council

April 8, 2002

Present: Frank Guldbrandsen, chair; Mark Mizuko, Melanie Shepard, Aydin Durgunoglu, Jackie Millslagle.

Meeting convened at 10:05 a.m.

Environmental Education program proposal was circulated for discussion at the next meeting.

Discussion on the proposed Student Academic Complaints policy centered around two issues: if program coordinators should be involved; and how this could be applied to graduate school students. Consensus was that as a student complaint against a faculty member could escalate to a personnel issue which should be handed by the department head, not a program coordinator. Some minor work changes were suggested so the process would also apply to graduate school students. Modifications will be reviewed next meeting before final approval.

The following pieces of proposed language were discussed and will be reviewed for final approved at the next meeting.

ARTICLE XXX. Collegiate Graduate Faculty

Any faculty member with a doctoral degree will be considered collegiate graduate faculty.

Section n: Teaching

Graduate courses will be taught by graduate faculty, or faculty (full- or part-time) who have appropriate expertise and have been approved by the Director of Graduate Studies, or the Collegiate Graduate Program Coordinator in the discipline.

Section n: Committee Assignment

Graduate advising will be by graduate faculty. Requests to have non-graduate faculty serve on graduate committees as second or third members must be approved by Graduate Program Council.

Section n. Advising

Collegiate graduate students will be guided by a Graduate Committee of at least two members of the graduate faculty. Requests to have a non-graduate faculty member serve as a second or third member of the Committee must be approved by Graduate Program Council. The Committee approves the student´s program plan, makes recommendations to the Collegiate Graduate Program Director on prior work that can be used in the program, guides the student´s final project, reviews and signs off on the final product and degree recommendation forms.

Section n. Membership

The Graduate Program Council will consist of a representative from each CEHSP department that offers collegiate or Graduate School graduate programs, a representative of any formal organizational structure that sponsors inter-departmental programs, one graduate student to be selected by the Council from recommendations from the programs, and the Associate Dean, ex-officio. The representatives from the Graduate School programs will typically be the Director of Graduate Studies.

A faculty member of the Graduate Program Council will be elected as chair of the committee and will serve a two-year term beginning in the spring semester. Student representatives will serve a one-year term. There will be no term limits for faculty membership.

Section n. Guidelines and Standards for Final Products

The final product is a capstone experience that should reflect the proficiency and competency of the student and demonstrate to the Graduate Committee the student´s independent work. The final product will carry 2-6 credits depending on the scope of the project or the depth of the investigation. The final project can be:

  • A research project written in the format of a thesis (4-6 credits);
  • A research project written in the format of a journal publication (4-6 credits);
  • A conceptual paper providing a theoretical integration of findings from a literature review (2-4 credits);
  • A curriculum/program development or evaluation (2-4 credits); or
  • A curriculum/program development or evaluation with literature review (2-4 credits).

When a final product is completed cooperatively, each student´s responsibility and effort must be well-delineated and documented.

The final product will be presented to the Graduate Committee with an opportunity for dialog before final signatures and final submission.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Next meeting is April 22, 10:00 a.m.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder