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Graduate Programs Council

May 6, 2002

Present: Melanie Shepard, Ken Gilbertson, Mark Mizuko, Frank Guldbrandsen, Jackie Millslagle.

Absent: Aydin Durgunoglu.

Meeting convened by Frank G. at 10:05 a.m.

  1. An Incomplete Grade Policy as approved by Academic Affairs was discussed. A motion was made and seconded to approve. Carried.
  2. Update from Frank Guldbrandsen on discussions occurring in Department of Education about the M.Ed. Courses will be offered under the current model and students advised that they must complete coursework in the next two years. A new core of courses will be developed, integrating NBPTS core propositions. Ken Gilbertson encouraged consideration that the core courses be developed to transfer to non-classroom settings. As a new curriculum is developed, other departments will be encouraged to develop concentrations to add to the core.
  3. The policies document will be marked “Draft” and posted to the web so it is accessible to faculty.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder