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Graduate Programs Council

October 5, 2005

Meeting convened by Jackie Millslagle. Present: Julie Ernst, Mary Ann Marchel, Lynn Bye, Faith Loven, Bob Lloyd.

It was the consensus of the group that, rather than elect a chair, to rotate agenda preparation and meeting facilitation among the Council members for fall semester. Meetings for fall will be chaired as follows:

  • October 19 - Mary Ann
  • November 2 - Faith
  • November 16 - Julie
  • November 30 - Bob
  • December 14 - Lynn


CC #3 (SpEd 5434 course change) and #5 (SpEd 5486 new course) had been circulated to Academic Affairs for information with the 4xxx level of the courses, and Jackie relayed several questions raised by AAC,, many of which were echoed by Council members (who will take the courses? what graduate school students would take it? what are the prerequisites? lack of consistency between title, conceptual outlines and outcomes as it relates to general vs. special education students; overlap in reading lists for the two courses.) If questions are answered and the undergraduate proposals pass Academic Affairs, the proposals for SpEd 5434 and 5486 will be circulated to GPC for electronic voting.

Finishing up paperwork for program revisions approved last year, 4 course drop proposals were submitted from Social Work. All were approved.

  • SW 8006, Advanced Generalist Seminar
  • SW 5104, Dynamics of Discrimination
  • SW 8551, Advanced Practaice: Administration
  • SW 8661, Advanced Pracatice: Rural & Urban Community

Proposal for SW 5095--Special Topics: Addressing Alcohol Related Problems in Child WElfare Proactice, was discussed. Questions raised about the variable credit, and whether it was tied to number of credits students need or how much content was being delivered. Lynn will clarify and send revised proposal to Jackie.

Julie provided several useful updates to the curriculum process web page which will be implemented.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder

Feedback on process - check link from GPC page