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Graduate Programs Council

October 14, 2004

Present: Bob Lloyd, Faith Loven, Melanie Shepard, Frank Guldbrandsen (chair), Jackie Millslagle, Ken Gilbertson.

CC #29, ADD CSD 5240 Dementia: Communication Impairment and Management, 1-2 credits. This proposal had been tabled at the last meeting and was revised to remove the option to repeat, and was changed to variable credit. Credit variation will depend on the number of dementia forms covered in a semester. APPROVED.

The following related proposals were APPROVED.

  • CC #34, CHANGE SW 8102, Advanced Research, from 2 to 3 credits. Content from deleted course to be incorporated.)
  • CC #35, DELETE SW 8103, Project Seminar I, 1 credit. Content moved to SW 8102.

Adjourned at 9:15.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder