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Graduate Programs Council

November 14, 2007

Present: Helen Mongan-Rallis, Kent Brorson, Denny Falk, Tiffany Smith, Kristelle Miller, Jackie Millslagle.

Excused: Abby Linder, Julie Ernst.


EDUC 5995, ST: Poverty--A systems approach to educational intervention. Concern with title reflecting the intent of the course, e.g., what interventions will be covered? Bibliograhy does not reflect literature about interventions. How is it different from a sociology course on poverty? An education course should focus on the impact of poverty on education. Council asked Helen to communicate concerns to the author. Motion to approve on the condition that all aspects of the coures reflect more educaiton and more intervention. Second; CARRIED.

SW 5095, ST:A Problem-based Approach to Clinical Assessment and Intervention. The need for this, Denny explained, is connected to a recent state licensure requirement for clinical experience. Also, the proposal has been updated and expended with additional objectives, and more clarity on methods of evaluation. Kristelle's concern was that the word diagnose shoudl be used instead of assess. Denny said this is partially addressed in the revised proposal. Finally, description should have words that allude to the fact that an approach to diagnosis is included. Motion to approve with changes as described; second. CARRIED.

EDUC 5995, ST:Using Expressive Arts in Teaching. Had been sent back for revision following the last meeting. Suggestion to be specific about the cognitive theory (developmental) being covered. And include reference to brain-based theory in the course description; and learning theory should be in both description and objectives, or removed. Motion to approve with changes as described; second. CARRIED.

Jackie introduced a topic to get faculty perspective on a potential conflict between our curriculum process and academic freedom. In order to reflect in the schedule when a course in offered in total or partially online, a curriculum proposal needs to be filed adding the appropriate delivery mode. CEHSP curriculum process requires that all curriculum proposals be submitted electronically by the department head, indicating department approval. The question: can a department restrict the academic freedom of the instructor in terms of delivery mode? The general consensus was that it is an instructor decision, not a department decision about whether a course is delivered in any part online.

Discussion also included discussion of a broader issue around the definition of "partially internet-based." Suggestions were for additional descriptors, e.g., internet enhanced, and primarily internet based. Jackie will continue to present these issues to appropriate system administrators.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder