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Graduate Programs Council

November 27, 1006

Present: Randy Gordon, Julie Ernst, Lynn bye, Claire Croteau, Lori Schmitz, Helen Mongan-Rallis.

Absent: Faith Loven

Introductions for the benefit of two student representatives: Claire Croteau, M.Ed. in Environmental Education; and Lori Schmitz, M.S.W.

No curriculum on the agenda.

Council began a review of the College Graduate Program Policies. Lynn moved, Randy seconded, to change the description of Membership in the policy document as follows:

The Graudate Program council will consist of a representative from each CEHSP department that offers collegiate or Graduate School gaduate programs, a represntative of any formal organizational structure that sponsors inter-depatmental programs, one graduate student from a Graduate School program and one graduate student from a collegiate program, to be selected by the Council from recommendations from the programs,......

Motion carried.

After discussion of language around purpose and authority, Jackie offered to circulate a draft of changes for discussion at the next meeting.

Adjourned at 11:30.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder