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Graduate Programs Council

December 9, 2004

Present: Bob Lloyd, Faith Loven, Melanie Shepard, Frank Guldbrandsen, Ken Gilbertson, Jackie MIllslagle.

Meeting was convened at 11:00 by Chair Frank Guldbrandsen. Ken Gilbertson explained the proposed program changes for the M.Ed. Envrionmental Education. He answered questions about electives, and the use of 4xxx level courses. The following action was taken.

  • CC #18, add EnEd 5325, Program Develoment and Evaluation, 3 cr. APPROVED.
  • CC #56, add EnEd 5855, Programming for School Systems, 2 cr. APPROVED.
  • CC #57. For information. List of courses that changed from Educ or Rec to EnEd prefix.
  • CC #59, add EnEd 5163, Outdoor Education Methods, 3 cr. This proposal provides a graduate level offering for an existing course. APPROVED.
  • CC #60, change EnEd 4998, Seminar, to EnEd 5998. APPROVED.
  • CC #61, change EnEd 4343, Advanced Field Interpretation, to EnEd 5343. APPROVED.
  • CC #64, add EnEd 5560, Current Research & Issues, 3 cr. APPROVED.
  • CC #65, add EnEd 5850, Classroom Applications, 2 cr. APPROVED.
  • CC #58, change program requirements for M.Ed. Environmental Education to include curriculum approved above. Jackie noted that implementation of changes is still dependent on resource analysis. APPROVED.

Council agreed to set spring meetings using the same day/time.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder