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Graduate Program Council

February 20, 2013

Present: Faith Loven, Diane Raushenfels, Ken Gilbertson (substituting for Julie Ernst), Bob Lloyd, Mike Raschick, Fay Maas (ex officio)

EnEd 5990

It was noted that this course change was completed in Fall 2012.  Ken said he would follow-up with Nancy Burley regarding a question about #12.

EnEd 5991 & 5992

It was noted that in the Oct 9, 2012 meeting GPC recommended that 5992 be reconsidered as a course offering as it seemed to duplicate 5991.

Group discussed the differences between independent readings and independent study and the merit of having a separate course designated for readings.  Group suggested that the differentiation be noted in 5991 requesting that #26A be expanded upon and revised to match the catalog description in #5. 

EnEd 5991: Approved with above minor revisions

EnEd 5992: Approved

EnEd 5315

Group had questions regarding what differentiated 4315 from 5315 given it is proposed that these two courses be dual listed.  The only differentiated feature is the term “higher level” performance in #21.  The group asked that this term be further delineated by describing the learning and assessment experiences that would demonstrate higher order cognitive processes that would demark “higher level” performance in the outcomes and assessments in #26. 

Approved with above minor revisions

EnEd 3525

Group requested the proposal be proof read for typos and clarity, noting that in #5 “effect” should be “affect” and that intent of the last sentence was not clear.

Approved with minor proofreading changes suggested above