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Graduate Program Council

March 1, 2011

Present: Lynn Bye, Ken Gilbertson, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Absent: Faith Loven (comments and vote provided by email), Kim Riordan, Bob Lloyd

  • EnEd 5100 – Research Design and Methods in the Social Sciences
    • Rationale provided by Ken: Currently no face-to-face option for graduate students in EE. It would be desirable to have interaction of disciplines, but there has not been a option that could be scheduled to serve the EE majors. Psychology has a 3xxx course that is offered. SW has a research 1 and a research 2 course depending on the background of the incoming students. The SW research 1 course could be available for EE students. There was a question about whether there would be sufficient numbers to offer the course. Ken responded that it might have to be offered on alternate years, but it is desired for 2011-2012.
    • Approved.

  • EnEd 5855 – Programming for School Systems
    • Rationale provided by Ken: This course was designed, developed and delivered as a 3 credit course, but had initially been approved as a 2 credit course. This proposal is a course change. It was asked if this should be a variable credit course (2-3 credits). HPER would not recommend that option.
    • Approved

  • Discussion of recommended committee members for M.Ed. in EE committees.
    • Jennifer Niemi – approved
    • Nadine Meyer – approved
    • Sherry Boyce – approved

  • Approval of committee members – recommendation is that the program keeps the resumes/cvs on file.
  • Discussion of recommended new graduate program requirement for thesis credits to be a 10 credit option.
  • Question was raised about adding alcohol and drug treatment certificate to the SW program. The curriculum changes and/or proposals and the program should come through GPC.