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Graduate Program Council

April 10, 2012

Present: Julie Ernst, Bob Lloyd, Mike Raschick, Diane Rauschenfels, Faith Loven, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

1.     Educ 7018 proposal


- There was a question and discussion about this proposal being only 3 cr vs 4 cr (similar to 4 cr Psy 3020 PLUS experimental design.


-       It was questioned why this was a 7xxx class. The explanation  was that 7xxx is used for the MEd program.


-       Overall the course seems to be oriented towards a broad understanding as opposed to a fully applied understanding. It was stated the goal for masters’ students is primarily to develop their ability to be ‘consumers of research.’ Therefore the course description should say something like: An introduction to basic understanding of educational statistics and and how to interpret the results.


-       It was suggested that the course consider including SPSS experience.


-       It was recommended that the proposal delete the reference to #18 (saying that it is equivalent to PSY 3020).


-       It was recommended that the catalog description be revised to emphasize ‘Introductory focus……’  (revise ‘The topics include levels of measurement’ instead of ‘measurement scale.’  Also check ‘measuring relations’. ) Check description with conceptual outline.


-       Outcome B should be clarified.


-       It was pointed out that there needs to be alignment between catalog description - #5; #25; #26 – need reference to ‘interpret results’ as part of assessment.


-        Julie Ernst will assist in reviewing the revisions.

The course was approved with revisions.