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Graduate Program Council

April 24, 2012

Present: Mike Raschick, Diane Rauschenfels, Julie Ernst, Bruce Munson(ex officio)

This meeting focused on a discussion of potential criteria for guiding development of graduate level course and program proposals. Bruce Munson has synthesized materials shared by Julie Ernst that had been presented and discussed at some level over the semester.

The concept of this paper was clarified. The idea was that this should become a GPC course and program approval guide. It will be useful for those developing courses and for the GPC as they review courses and programs. It would be shared with faculty in the fall and posted to the web site.

Suggestions after reviewing the sections of the 'Criteria':


- Content aligned with learning outcomes.
- Content presents diverse perspectives

#2 Quality of Information Sources

- Courses are expected to draw from multiple sources and, when appropriate, original source materials

#3 Retitle this component "Learning Experiences"

- d and 5 c could be combined

- change ‘Assignments’ to “Learning Experiences”

- drop ‘a’ and for ‘b’ Learning experiences should require higher order cognitive experience (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation).

- Opportunities for thinking critically and exploring diverse perspectives about the content.

#4 Change title to 'Assessment'

- Use ‘Assessments’ instead of ‘Examination’

- Include – Assessments aligned with clear, measurable outcomes.

#5 Change to title to ‘Program Expectations’

- Several of these points should be included under other headings

- Consolidate some of these points

A revised draft will be developed by Bruce Munson for review at the next GPC meeting scheduled for 1pm on Tuesday, May 8.