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Graduate Program Council

September 15, 2009

Present: Denny Falk, Faith Loven, Kim Riordan, Ken Gilbertson, Bob Lloyd (Bruce Munson, ex-officio)

*The next CEHSP GPC meeting will be Sept. 29.*

Denny facilitated the discussion regarding the new UMD graduate school.

Common understandings, based on UMD meetings so far:

  • UMD will have authority for managing graduate programs for masters and Ed.D. on this campus.
  • Curriculum and programs will need to still come through a collegiate GPC approval/recommendation process.
  • The new UMD graduate committee has already voted on a new master’s of engineering degree on the UMD campus.
  • A UMD Graduate executive committee will have authority beyond the Graduate Council. It will include two deans, one of whom will be from CEHSP.
  • The next UMD graduate council meeting will be October 8.

Denny and Faith provided brief overviews of their departmental procedures for accepting and monitoring students.

Issues that need further discussion and resolution:

  • Who gets invited to the table? (There was concern about the environmental education master’s program having representation in graduate school discussions.)
  • How will tuition be addressed? (The M.Ed. wants to keep a tuition rate similar to the current rate.)
  • IRB has an impact on graduate research, particularly in CEHSP. Some felt that decentralizing IRB may make it more responsive to student proposals.
  • Will the degrees coming out of the new UMD graduate school be identified as UMD or UM degrees? Some would identify issues in “branding,” if the degree was listed as UMD versus UM. It was noted that collegiate/departmental degrees like the M.Ed. have been totally managed on the UMD campus, but are still listed as UM degrees.
  • The “old” graduate school seemed to have perpetual reviews (like the P&R structure) and it is hoped that can be avoided in the new UMD graduate school.
  • Currently the UM graduate school uses the ‘Apply Yourself’ software. There have sometimes been long delays in getting materials from that system to the department for review (transcripts were mentioned.) Some have found the ‘Apply Yourself’ software to be “a nightmare.” (SW also has their own applications sent to the department in paper)
  • What degree of application and student tracking will be handled by the new UMD graduate school office? A staff person is responsible in each department (SW & CSD) for tracking completeness of applications
  • How will the UMD graduate school handle the number of credits and courses that may be desired by a graduate program? There have been differences between accreditation requirements and graduate school parameters for a program.
  • How will the UMD graduate school handle recommendations for degree. Currently graduate students recommended for a degree receive a “balance letter” that is associated with a universal degree program form. The letter to the student and the department identifying the match of program plan versus what has been completed.

It was agreed that Tim Holst should be invited to the next CEHSP GPC meeting.