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Graduate Program Council

October 16, 2012

Present: Julie Ernst; Faith Loven; Evie Campbell (for Mike Raschick) Julia Williams (for Diane Raushenfels); Alexandra Luong (for Bob Lloyd); Fay Maas

Alexandra gave an overview of the PSY grad program proposal; some questions raised about finances and staffing (how can we not teach an undergrad course and teach a graduate course in its place--explained how there were multiple sections and only one would not be taught and that undergrads could in fact take the grad course if they were interested and had requisite background knowledge). Also had questions about whether these were new courses. Clarified that these were new courses that were at the graduate level. The course requirements were aimed at graduate level students and that the undergraduates would be expected to meet the same requirements. 

PSY 5021

  • change phrasing of #5; approve with minor changes; no need for committee approval. Will change #23 to indicate that undergraduate program will offer one fewer sections of lower division developmental psychology (PSY2021)



  • #23 add advanced students can take in place of 3061; or be consistent in wording of 23 across proposals. 
  • #26 Exams. Concern that learning outcomes are lower in taxonomy of learning; others noted that the written exam will require synthesis, analysis etc. Asked to clarify the assessment method to indicate that the exams will require higher order thinking.   Approved with minor changes; no need to consult with committee. 





HLTH4100/5100  Guests: LadonaTornabene and Georgia Keeney

  • Ladona provided a Syllabus for the course. She clarified that a faculty member from Pharmacy was a co-instructor for the course. Faith indicated that the syllabus clarified many of her concerns including the fact that the Pharmacy aspects of the course would be taught by pharmacy instructor.
  • Syllabus clarified that assignments seem to require critical thinking
  • Health education connections between public health and community health and history were clarified. Public health began with Roman Empire and provides the first evidence of the public health system. 
  • Julie noted that this rationale should be made clear in the catalog description; include the historical connections to heath and pharmacy; requested to modify the title by eliminating the exclamation point. 
  • With special topics GPC gives more latitude with course content. GPC is looking at this course more closely because we are looking at it as a course that will be on the books at UMD beyond the current course sponsor.  We do need to be careful about what is being proposed as a course because EVCAA is looking at new course proposals very carefully. 
  • Approved with following minor changes: Adjusted title and course description to reflect the nature of the course and rationale with pharmacy; include a syllabus.