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Graduate Program Council

November 1, 2010

Present: Denny Falk, Faith Loven, Bob Lloyd, Kim Riordan, Bruce Munson

  • Minutes of Oct. 14, 2010 approved. (Minutes will be sent out with the agenda for future meetings.)
  • Educ 5320 – History of U.S. Education
    • Background: Intended for master’s students as an elective to be offered in summer
    • The need for prerequisites was discussed. The department is ok with advanced undergrads taking the class, but the coursework will be at a graduate level
    • A complete bibliography is needed.  
    • Unanimous approval with minor revision 
  • Educ 7120 – Models of Indigenous Leadership
    • Background: Designed to be offered with Indigenous Ed.D. cohort. Instructors with expertise include: Brian McInnes, Tom Peacock, and Peter Hanohano (U. of Hawaii);
    • The only prerequisite is ‘graduate status’ so the course could be available to other graduate students.
    • The proposed bibliography does not reflect broad indigenous perspective, but rather it represents American Indian and Hawaiian perspective. Additional Hawaiian sources should be reflected in the bibliography to provide support for the Hawaiian perspectives.
    • Course proposer should reconsider the title. It could more accurately reflect the more specific focus of this course – Native American and Hawaiian. Perhaps “Models of Indigenous Leadership in the US”?
    • Unanimous approval with minor revisions.
  • Educ 7130 – Indigenous Knowledge and World view
    • Is the bibliography broadly reflective of a broad view of ‘indigenous’ knowledge and worldview? See the note from 3d above. Should bibliography add additional Hawaiian sources should be reflected in the bibliography?
    • Consider a change 27 b – perhaps for congruency consider whether it is language and thought – or language and culture that is being represented in the content and in the bibliography
    • Unanimous approval pending consideration of suggestions from GPC.
  • Educ 7140 – Transformational Leadership
    • The outcome 26c  - ‘provide perspective’ does not provide a measurable objective.  This should be modified.
    • Bibliography could be expanded, updated, and include indigenous perspectives.
    • Unanimous approval with minor revision.
  • Educ 7160 – Language, Culture, & Society
    • Revise outcome 27 B to measurable terms.
    • Unanimous approval with minor revision.
  • Based on approval of the Educ 7xxx courses, GPC approves the amended program proposal for the Ed.D. in Teaching and learning that includes a mandatory designated supporting field.