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Graduate Program Council

December 11, 2008

Present: Ken Gilbertson, Alexandra Luong, Julie Williams (for Molly Minkkinen), Denny Falk, Bruce Munson (ex-officio)

Excused: Faith Loven

Denny Falk volunteered and was elected to chair the GPC for the remainder of this academic year.

Alexandra will be on a single semester leave in the spring and Bob Lloyd will replace her as the Psychology representative.

The committee unanimously approved Joe Waleski to serve as a committee member on M.Ed. committees when his expertise is requested.

There was unanimous approval of the course change for Educ 7004 (Foundations of Educational Research).

There was unanimous approval of the new course, Educ 7011 (Research in Practice).  It was clarified that M.Ed. students in environmental education can register for Educ 7004 and/or Educ 7011 on a space available basis.

Julie Williams provided an overview of the Administrative Licensure course changes and proposals. The courses reflect changes in the state standards for licensure for principals and superintendents. UMD is seeking approval to offer this licensure programs and the proposals will be reviewed by the state in January. There was unanimous tentative approval of the set of administrative licensure course changes and proposals. Committee members agreed that final approval of the courses would be assumed on Monday if there we no concerns after further review.

Ken Gilbertson proposed the following policy for the M.Ed. program which received unanimous approval.

    • A student may enroll in EHS 5990 at any time during their graduate studies at the guidance and approval of the student’s graduate committee chair.
    • A committee chair can require a student be enrolled for a minimum of 1 cr. (EHS 5990) during any semester the student is working on their final project/thesis with their committee chair.

Action Items for the next GPC meeting

    • Proposal by Ken Gilbertson to have policy on approval of committee members. (Current printed policy will be brought for comparison.)
    • Discussion of 4xxx courses to be used as electives in the M.Ed. in Environmental Education program. (EnEd 4315, EnEd 4163, and Rec 4320 already were approved as part of the program). Ken Gilbertson will make copies of the course proposals and get them to committee members before the end of the semester. This will be an action item at the next meeting.