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Procedure for Issuance of Contract Letters of Appointment (Academic)

  1. Department head drafts the letter using the required contract letter template (Word document). Use the fixed-term contract template for faculty on multi-year contracts.
  2. Letter is sent via email to Administrative Director to clear workload and budget and to check for bargaining contract language, administrative policy adherence, and salary computations.
  3. Letter, signed by Dean, is returned to the department for employee signatures.
  4. Signed contract is secured to pay documents and forwarded to Administrative Director for processing.


Contracts for Instruction paid by Continuing Education

All contracts issued for instruction of CEHSP courses are to be issued by the Dean. This includes section 090, 7xx, and 2xx (INI) offerings by Continuing Education. The same procedure (as above) will be followed, except all letters will be returned to Lynn Velander in the Dean's Office. Copies will be made and originals forwarded to Continuing Education where pay documents will be created. Use this template for INI courses; otherwise, use the regular contract letter above.