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Workload Release


All release from instructional load must be negotiated with the Dean. Request for release time must be documented on a Release Time Request (Word file).

Department Head Duties

Communication Sciences and Disorders
8 contact hours / Year
20 contact hours / Year
Health, Physical Education and Rercreation
10 contact hours / Year
8 contact hours / Year
Social Work
9 contact hours / Year

Program Coordination

In CEHSP, when a department sponsors multiple defined academic programs, and where such programs necessitate administrative oversight specific to the program, a coordinator for that program may be provided with a 2 contact hour release per academic year to assume the duties of coordinator.

The responsibilities of coordinator are as follows:

Stay current with curriculum procedures and deadlines, and move program proposals through the system. (Curriculum is the responsibility of the faculty. Appropriate forms and proposals should be prepared by the faculty member with the appropriate expertise, e.g., a new course proposal is prepared by the faculty member primarily responsible for the course.)

  • Get input from faculty and assist department head with development of a course schedule to meet the needs of students in the program.
  • Update the bi-annual catalog copy.
  • Communicate program information to students via the alias.
  • Serve as the contact point for students interested in the program.
  • Be the contact for administrative questions/issues related directly with the program.
  • Facilitate program meetings (agenda, minutes, follow-up) as necessary.
  • Recommend scholarship recipients
  • Evaluate (or assign to other faculty) post-bac applications if applicable
  • Implement an efficient process for program admission

In addition, because of the nature of NCATE and State accredited teacher licensure programs, 1-2 contact hours (depending on student enrollment) of release per academic year may be given for the following activities:

  • Mediation among parties in situations dealing with the transition of students from the University classroom to the field experience.
  • Ad hoc tasks associated with the assessment activities at defined decision points in licensure programs.
  • On-going review and reporting of the entire curriculum to assure compliance with national and state standards.
  • Contact point for student issues related to the curriculum and licensure.

Other department-related activity

Release time for specific department-related activities may be negotiated with the department head, e.g., accreditation documents, advising.

Non-department-related activity

Release time for faculty time spent on activities other than department-related workload should be negotiated with the department head and approved by the Dean. The department budget should be reimbursed by the appropriate agency/grant/account for the number of contract hours of release based on the cost of replacement faculty.