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Scholarship Selection Process

Dates are for the Spring 2009 Cycle

The CEHSP scholarship selection process will be coordinated in the Dean's Office. Departments will be notified, early in the spring semester, of the number of scholarships to be awarded, and the amounts available to award. (Note: questions from departments should be addressed to the Dean's Office (Kori Kromm); departments should NOT contact the Foundation Office for information.)

The process with 2009 deadline dates is as follows:

Dean's Office will maintain the scholarship page and email all enrolled students at the end of fall semester with a link to the Scholarship page.

All applications are returned to the Dean's Office by February 16, 2009.

Student information will be verified, applications sorted and distributed to departments by February 25, 2009.

Departments conduct selection process and return names of recipients to the Dean's Office by March 25, 2009.

All preparation for the Honors Convocation, including invitations to students, faculty and donors will be handled by the Dean's Office. Notification of award and invitation to the Honors Convocation will be mailed to students by April 3, 2009.

All BA25 forms for scholarship receipients will be processed in the Dean's Office.