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Travel Policies

Traveling on University Business (UM Policies), go to

Using the University Corporate Travel Card (UM Policies), go to

Effective January 1, 2006: Significant changes have been made to the University's Travel Policy to incorporate changes impacting the reimbursement of travel meals and a new separate policy covering the accrual and use of frequent flyer miles.

Regarding travel meals, employees traveling on University business will be reimbursed the per diem rate for the location where meals are purchased. Reimbursements will be made in accordance with the Federal State Department Per Diem daily amounts as published on the GSA website, Domestic Travel.  For the updated policy, including the new Frequent Flyer policy Accural and Use of Frequent Flyer miles, please refer to the Administrative Policy, Traveling on University Business at

The changes were made as a part of the policy review conducted in conjunction with the new Financial System implementation. For concerns or questions, please call the University Financial Systems Helpline @ 612-624-1617.

At the traveler's discretion, he or she can choose to claim less than the per diem allowed.

Dean's Office Funding



  • Complete the FACULTY TRAVEL FUNDING REQUEST and send it by email to your department head.
  • Department Head will forward the email to Lynn Hegrenes, Administrative Director, with a recommendation including any departmental funding provided. This email should be copied to the individual making the request.
  • Administrative Director considers the request and makes inquiries as needed.
  • Administrative Director responds to both the faculty member and department head indicating approval or not with a clarifying comment; budget information will be transmitted to support staff for preparing expense reimbursements.


Criteria for consideration

The following criteria will be used to make the best judgment possible for all requests. The overall purpose of funded travel is to enhance the operations and function of CEHSP.


  • Number of requests : Within the limits of CEHSP resources, the Dean's office will attempt to honor all first requests up to $250.00.
  • Accepted presentation : This will receive the highest priority.
  • Professional function : Participation on committees, boards, receiving awards, etc. receive consideration.
  • Professional development : If there is a clear and defined outcome with a commitment to follow-up, this category will receive consideration.
  • Impact for Department and College : The wider the impact, the stronger the consideration.
  • Productivity : Commitment to follow-up in the area of teaching, research, and service is encouraged and considered.
  • Outside financial support : Departments should fund travel to the extent of their resources.
  • Compelling professional needs : This category includes critical travel for the college and attendance at meetings as requested by the Dean.