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Accident Procedures

Now that the cold weather is upon us and snow is not far behind, it's that time again to remind you of our campus procedures for reporting slips, trips, and fall incidents.

All incidents must be reported IMMEDIATELY to UMD Campus Police (DIAL 911) and the UMD Department of Facilities Management (726-8262). This should be done by the person who has fallen, if s/he is able, or by someone in the area of the fall or an employee's department. Additionally, please complete the following paperwork for all incidents:


(workers' compensation) Employee Incident Report (to be completed by employee) and Supervisor's Incident Investigation Report (to be completed by supervisor)

Forward completed, signed and dated forms to Cathy Rackliffe, UMD Workers' Compensation, 269 DAdB; Tel. 726-6827; FAX:  726-7505.

FOR OTHERS (students not employed at the U of M and visitors)

Bodily Injury/Property Damage Incident Report (Available at or from UMD HR, 255 DAdB, 726-6827)

Follow the instructions in the form for completion and distribution.

Additional information for students not employed at the U of M and visitors can be found at

Please contact Cathy Rackliffe at 726-6827, if you have any questions about these procedures.

Thank you.