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Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Cohort Program


The Master of Education (M.Ed.) is a professional development degree for educational scholars, which includes teachers and professionals with leadership or training roles in health sciences, social services, community education, and business or industry.  Professional development is achieved through critical reflection, theoretical investigation, and application of theory and research to practice in communities.  The curriculum is based on the roles that educational scholars play as teachers, leaders, and change agents in formal, non-formal, and community-based settings. 

Learners will develop skills in:


  • critical reflection
  • investigation and application of educational theory to practice
  • evaluation, execution and effective communication of educational research
  • intercultural competence
  • the creation and participation in communities of learners as professionals
  • leadership for educational reform


Core courses are delivered primarily online with one face–to–face weekend session during the first month of each semester. The required core courses are delivered over two years for professionals who wish to earn the graduate degree while maintaining full–time employment. Students are admitted to an identified cohort and register in two years of core curriculum with the same cohort. Attendance at the face-to-face meetings each semester is expected.   Attendance at the face-to-face meetings for the first semester is mandatory.


Masters of Education Vision Statement

We envision the UMD Masters of Education to be a context for advanced study which fosters critical discourse and contemplation of education, rigorous investigations and critical analysis of teaching and learning to create new knowledge and generate new insights to inform practice.

We envision the advanced student as one who rises to the challenge of rigorous study and engages in critical reflection and dialogue.

We endeavor to provide delivery that meets the needs of educators who are professionally and progressively engaged.

We endeavor to provide a program in which social justice, ethical practice, and critical discourse are principle, and in which learners are responsive to the needs of those they serve.

We seek a reputation wherein our graduates are known as effective advocates for quality educational experiences, and agents of responsible change in their communities and in the region.