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Graduation Information

Process for Graduation

The Graduate Program Office will clear your record and direct the UMD Registrar to post the degree. In order to clear the degree, you need to submit to the Graduate Program Office the Committee Recommendation for Degree form, along with an electronic copy of your final project signed by all members of the Committee.



  1. Apply for your degree  (further information below - please read)
  2. Complete the Committee Recommendation for Degree Form
  3. Send an electronic PDF copy of your approved/final thesis to  Also include an electronic copy of your singed thesis signature page.


Here is the link to graduate program commencement information


Separate from the degree clearance process, you must apply for your degree through the UMD Registrar's Office, and you must complete the Commencement Attendance Questionnaire. These forms can be found at:

Both the Application for Degree and the Commencement Attendance Questionnaire must be submitted, even if you do not plan to participate in the commencement ceremony in May. Please be sure to note the application deadlines below.

Degree Completion Term

You should file application for degree for the semester in which you expect to submit your final project and Committee Recommendation for Degree form. If you apply for a spring or summer degree date, you are eligible to participate in the spring commencement of that year. If you apply for a fall degree date, you are eligible to participate in the spring commencement of the following year.

If you apply for degree in a term and you do not submit materials for degree clearance, your degree date will change to the semester in which all requirements have been completed for degree clearance.

Caution: Once you apply for degree, you are no longer eligible for financial aid beyond the term for which you applied for the degree. (Example: if you apply for a spring semester graduation date, you are not eligible for financial aid in the summer.)


Application for Degree Deadline Dates
Term in which you plan to complete your degree Deadline for the Application for Degree form

Spring Semester 2011

May Session 2010
Summer Session 2010

March 1, 2011
Fall Semester 2011 September 19, 2011
Spring Semester 2012
May Session 2012
Summer Session 2012
March 1, 2012
Fall Semester 2012 September 17, 2012


Please contact Karen Mehle if you would like a hard copy of the Commencement Handbook mailed to you. Please include your name and current mailing address.