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Graduation Information

Process for Graduation

When you have completed your coursework and your thesis has been approved you need to complete the following steps and then you are done!

1. Complete a Committee Recommendation for Degree Form


2. Send an electronic copy of your complete/approved thesis to Karen Mehle (

3. Send an electronic copy of your signed Thesis Title Page to Karen Mehle

4. Apply for your degree.  You must complete both the application for degree AND

the commencement questionnaire. 

5. If you plan to attend Commencement you MUST submit your application for

degree AND commencement questionnaire by March 1 of the year you intend to walk in commencement

6. If you had any sort of loan during your graduate studies, schedule an exit

interview with Financial Collections.  An email will be sent to you prompting the setup of the interview.   If you do not receive an email after applying for your degree, make sure you call 218-726-8103 to inquire.  If you do not go through the exit interview process a hold will be placed on your record that will delay your diploma and final transcript.


Please visit the Commencement webpage for further information regarding commencement

The UMD Graduate School Commencement page also contains important information


Both the Application for Degree and the Commencement Attendance Questionnaire must be submitted, even if you do not plan to participate in the commencement ceremony in May. Please be sure to note the application deadlines below.

Degree Completion Term

You should file an application for degree for the semester in which you expect to submit your final project and Committee Recommendation for Degree form.


Caution: Once you apply for degree, you are no longer eligible for financial aid beyond the term for which you applied for the degree. (Example: if you apply for a spring semester graduation date, you are not eligible for financial aid in the summer.)