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Requirements for your Major

To see what courses you have completed and courses you still need to take, please consult your APAS Report, which is your official record.  You can also run a "What If" APAS report if you are exploring other majors.  This option is found at the bottom of the page when you login to your APAS Report

To see program requirements for a major go to the UMD Catalog list of majors.

To see requirements for majors in CEHSP, including sample plans and program requirements, go HERE.

For a chart of courses that meet both liberal education program requirements and requirements for your major, click HERE.


Program Checklists

If you have a printed copy of a program checklist please know that it may not be current or match your catalog year. A program checklist is not a substitute for your official record, which is your APAS Report and program requirements as listed in the UMD Catalog.

For the most up-to-date requirements for your major (program) please consult the online UMD Catalog at this link: UMD Majors

We highly recommend that you use Graduation Plannerand your APAS Report instead of the program checklists for planning your courses toward completing your degree.

Meet with your advisor at least once each semester to get the most up-to-date information.

Schedule Planner Worksheet (pdf)