Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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Faculty at a CETL workshop event

What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)?

The concept of SoTL was introduced by Ernest Boyer in 1990 and has been refined over the years by numerous authors. Currently SoTL can be defined as systematic inquiry into teaching and learning.  Our focus at CETL is on the many formats for engaging in SoTL, methods used to investigate typical problems, examples of high quality SoTL projects and a comprehensive list of disciplinary and broad based journals that publish SoTL.  We will also provide support for learning how SoTL can be a resource for innovating your teaching.

See David Langley’s Primer on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning for more information about SoTL, and examples published by UMD authors. 

Core SoTL Journals

This list of journals, compiled by the University of Central Florida, includes interdisciplinary journals with a SoTL focus. To locate SoTL journals within your discipline, contact your reference librarian.



Search these library databases to locate examples of SoTL in your field or area of interest.