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20-Minute Mentors

CETL is pleased to provide the UMD campus community with access to the 20-Minute Mentor Commons from Magna Publications. This subscription gives our campus community access to approximately 200 short videos (all 20 minutes or less) that cover topics related to teaching methods (blended, flipped, online), classroom management, course design, grading and feedback, general issues related to faculty development and support, leadership, student engagement, teaching strategies, technology in the classroom, and working with specific student populations.

What are 20-Minute Mentors? 20-Minute Mentors are video-based programs created by educational experts that are designed to answer a specific question related to teaching and learning. They deliver actionable insights in highly focused 20-minute presentations designed to fit busy our schedules.

How do I access the videos? Instructions can be accessed via this link, available to all UMD faculty, staff, graduate students, and administrators. The instructions will explain how to create an account and activate your access to the campus subscription at which point you'll be able to access the entire 20-Minute Mentor library by signing on to the Magna Publications website.

The following is a short list of 20-Minute Mentors you might find interesting (make sure you're logged into your Magna account before clicking on the direct video links below):

How Can I Get Students to Take Responsibility for Their Own Learning?
Learn how incorporating findings from cognitive and educational psychology research can help you encourage students to take charge of their own learning. Discover techniques you can use to increase student responsibility and establish a learning-centered environment in your next course.

How Can I Avoid Communication “Misfires” with Students?
Learn communication techniques to help you navigate difficult situations with students — such as missed assignments, poor attendance, or late work — while keeping their motivation strong and their attitude about your class positive.

How Do I Use Controversial Issues to Build Cognitive Skills in My Students?
Learn how to use difficult discussions to improve students’ ability to reason — and help them function as respectful members of a civil society.

How Do I Align Learning Objectives with Technology Using Backward Design?
Learn how to peel back the layers of your teaching challenges and work backwards from your learning objectives to your choice of technology solutions.

How Can Course Design Help Prevent Online Cheating?
Learn the techniques that other schools have successfully used to slash the potential of cheating, assuage student anxiety about their academic performance, and propel them toward being more honest, self-reliant learners.

What is Blended Learning?
Blended learning, which combines face-to-face classroom instruction with supervised online activities, is one of the hottest topics in higher education today. Blended learning is here to stay. Learn how to take advantage of online technology to better your students’ learning experience and improve your instruction. Find out how you can fuse the best of traditional techniques and cutting-edge online technology.

How Can Rubrics Make Grading Easier and Faster?
Rubrics help you develop a better grading system, one that delivers fair results, helps students learn, and makes effective use of your time. In this program, you will get examples of the three basic formats for rubrics and explore seven key recommendations developed to help you transform the grading process.

You can find a complete list of all available 20-Minute Mentors sorted by topic category here.