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 Campus Climate

Meeting 9: Agenda

    Campus Change Team
    March 5, 2012
    Kirby 268 2-3:30

    1. Campus Climate Assessment Strategic Plan Goal 2, Action 5 (Jennifer Mencl, Susana Pelayo Woodward)

    a. Faculty and Staff survey for discussion
    b. Student survey will be given 2013
    c. VCSL will send a Campus Labs survey to students during April 2012. Assessment committee added eight climate questions.
    d. Student Focus Group project update.

    2. Updates

    a. Strategic Plan Goal 2 discussions – Definitions revisited
    b. Hockey chants (Tim LeGarde, Brian McInnes)
    c. UMD-initiated Un-Fair Campaign events

    i. St. Paul Foundation – March 2012?
    ii. DivComm programs – April 2012

    d. Other

    3. Presentations by SFA (Rudy Perrault) and LSBE (Jennifer Mencl)

    4. UCT Report is due May 12, 2012 – discussion of draft template

    5. Upcoming Spring CCT topics

    a. Review of UCT-CCT-LT structure and operation (effectiveness, transparency, accountability, responsiveness, inclusion….)
    b. Transitioning from CCT Co-Chairs to administrative position
    c. Other

    6. Other

Meeting 9: Summary

    The draft Faculty/Staff survey was discussed and CCT members agreed to pilot it noting the length of time to complete it. CCT members revised the definitions of equity, diversity, and social justice after receiving input from the ISAT and March 1 Goal 2 Strategic Planning discussion. An update related to the hockey chants was provided followed by discussion. Communication, accountability, development of effective strategies to educate and also to respond to offensive behavior must be strengthened. CCT expressed the need to learn more about the student conduct code. The VC Advancement UCT is working on action items related to Athletics, but needs more participation by Athletics in its UCT. Rudy reported on the SFA UCT program on the Artist’s Studio (March 29). Due to lack of time, Jennifer was not able to report on LSBE UCT activities, but will send a report out by email. Members were reminded that end of year progress reports are due May 12.


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