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 Campus Climate

Meeting 2 Agenda

October 8, 2012

  1. Call for Proposals 2012-13 (October 15 deadline)
  2. Chancellor Black will attend the CCT meeting at 8:45 am.
  3. Strategic Enrollment Management Council Reports (Co-Chairs Mary Keenan and Paul Kiprof; former Co-chair Praveen Aggarwal; 9:30). We discussed the SEM goals and goal strategies at the last CCT meeting and the Team decided to invite the Co- Chairs for further discussion and questions. Please review the SEM reports to see if there are opportunities for your UCT to become engaged in recruiting and retaining underrepresented students.
  4. Commitment to Communication
    a. Oct 8 Student Forum on Goal 2 – Please encourage your UCT student members to attend and bring their friends
    b. Message to Campus on the CCRT and Reporting page
    c. Other
  5. Other


Campus Climate Grants will be available for UCTs for 2012-13 projects. Chancellor Black attended the CCT meeting, thanked members for their work on the CCT, and reviewed some of the campus climate projects. The SEM current and former co-Chairs presented SEM goals and invited the CCT to become engaged in recruiting and retaining students.


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