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 Campus Climate

Campus Change Team (CCT)

Reports from the Unit Change and Campus Change Teams are found under Strategies and Actions

Campus Change Team Meeting Agendas and Summaries


Charge to the Campus Change Team

  1. Foster development of campus equity and diversity action plans.
  2. Research plans with respect to feasibility, cost and timeline.
  3. Make recommendations to the Leadership Team.
  4. Build and maintain liaison with the other campus units, campus populations and the community
  5. Facilitate publicity and promotion of events and programs that contribute to an inclusive
    campus environment.
  6. Provide regular reports to the Leadership Team and the campus.


Campus Change Team Membership

Unit CCT Member Member's Department Phone Email
Academic Affairs Support   Academic Affairs    
American Indian Programs   Ctr American Indian/Minority Hlth D    
American Indian Science and Engineering Society Amber Greensky Student
Business and Economics, Labovitz School of Sara Pitterle Marketing 218-726-6632
Chancellor’s Office Wendy Larrivy Chancellor’s Office 218-726-7507
Commission for Women Joanne Coffin-Langdon CEHSP 218-726-8364 
Diversity Commission Shelly Smith Instructional Dev Service 218-726-7715
Diversity Commission Joie Lee Acheson Kirby Student Center 218-726-8740
Education and Human Service Professions, College of Jim Amell Social Work 218-726-6625
Finance and Operations Tim LeGarde
Mary Cameron
Human Resources
Fine Arts, School of   Music    
GLBTQA Commission Angie Nichols GLBT 218-726-7000
Liberal Arts, College Gail Mentzel CLA 218-726-7635
Medicine, School of James Allen Biobehavioral Health 218-726-7144
Multicultural Center Student Council Thelmy Maldonado Student
Science and Engineering, Swenson College of Shannon Stevenson
Student Association

Niat Tesfai


Student Life Joie Acheson Kirby Student Center 218-726-8740
CCT Co-Chair Susana Pelayo Woodward Office of Cultural Diversity 218-726-8444
CCT Co-Chair Paula Pedersen Faculty Fellow, Psychology 218-726-7860


Campus Change Team Individual and Collective Values

  • Respect for each other and respect for ideas
  • Critical analysis
  • Data driven
  • Communication
  • Follow-through
  • Diligence
  • Collaboration
  • Honesty
  • Commitment to self-reflection and inner growth




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