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 Campus Climate

Goal 2 Action Step 5 Recommendations

Date: May 15, 2012
To: Leadership Team
From: Campus Change Team Assessment Subcommittee
Re: Goal 2 Action Step 5 Recommendations

Approved by Leadership Team on May 15, 2012.

Goal 2 Action Step 5: Evaluate progress toward and support of diversity and climate initiatives as an explicit part of performance reviews of campus leadership. Conduct a longitudinal survey and assessment of campus climate and diversity initiatives every three years, disseminating results and integrating findings into academic and student life (December 2012).

Campus Change Team Subcommittee: John Arthur, Jennifer Mencl, Susana Pelayo Woodward, Bilin Tsai

This subcommittee met on February 1, 14, 27, March 21, 28, April 2, 9 and 27. This report was reviewed and approved by the Campus Change Team on April 16, 2012.


  1. Administer campus climate surveys every two years and avoid timing overlap based on the current schedule of other surveys (efficiency).
  2. Ensure the campus climate surveys minimize duplication of questions on other surveys (resource conservation).
  3. Administer separate campus climate surveys to students (Section A, below) and to faculty/staff (Section B, below), probing general responses and questions specific to the targeted populations (integrity, completeness).
    a. Office of Institutional Research will administer surveys.
    b. Office of Institutional Research will analyze the data from each survey.
    c. CCT Subcommittee will prepare a report from each survey administration for the CCT and Leadership Team for review and approval.
  4. Communicate survey results and interpretations/responses to the campus community (transparency, education).
    a. Post the final report on the Campus Climate web site. (e.g. see UM PULSE survey reports)
    b. CCT/Leadership Team to hold one or more open forums for the campus community (faculty, staff, students) for presenting and discussing the findings as well as generating possible actions to implement.
  5. Take action in a timely manner based on the survey results and related discussions; communicate progress on action as it occurs (accountability, effectiveness).
    a. CCT/Leadership Team will evaluate possible actions based on alignment with Strategic Plan and campus needs, then prioritize and begin work on select actions while providing regular progress reports to the campus community.
    Section A: Student Survey

Recommendation: Administer student campus climate student survey every other year starting Spring 2013 based on timing of other student surveys administered and data recently collected:

  • Current Student Surveys: NSSE (S10, S12, S14), SSI (F11, F13), SES (S07, S09, S11, S13), Campus Labs (S12, S15). Individuals responsible for these surveys and the campus climate survey have met to discuss ways to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of student surveys. They will develop an organized plan/clearinghouse for student surveys at UMD.
  • The Campus Labs survey conducted in S12 includes a section on campus climate and safety for which the CCT Subcommittee modified by adding 10 questions. These questions will serve as a set of baseline measures, which will be expanded upon in the full S13 campus climate student survey.
  • Results of previous campus climate student surveys (2009, 2010) showed differences between groups based on race and ethnicity (Tables 5 - 7). In response, descriptive information was sought from these underrepresented student groups to identify and better understand the underlying issues and concerns. Focus groups were conducted in 2011 (African Americans, American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino/Chicano, International students) and 2012 (women, GLBT, disabled students). Based on data collected in the Spring 2012 Campus Labs survey, additional groups for which detailed information is needed will be determined and appropriate follow-up will occur.

Section B: Faculty/Staff Survey

Recommendation: Administer faculty/staff campus climate survey F12, S14, S16, etc. By conducting the survey every other year, beginning with the next academic year, it will alternate years with the UM PULSE survey given S12, S14, S16, etc.


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