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 Campus Climate

Labovitz School of Business and Economics Report

  • To: Campus Change Team (CCT) Co-Chairs Susana Pelayo-Woodward and Bilin Tsai
  • From: LSBE UCT
  • Date: November 21, 2011
  • RE: Updated LSBE UCT Mid-Fall 2011 Report

LSBE UCT Membership

The following LSBE faculty and staff accepted invitations to be formal members of the LSBE UCT during the 2011-2012 academic year:

  • Rick Brill
  • Sharon Cripe
  • Nik Hassan
  • Jill Klingner
  • Lai La Lunde
  • Jennifer Mencl (CCT Liaison)
  • Maureen O’Brien
  • Sara Pitterle
  • Karen Salmela

We expect to ask other faculty and staff to join the UCT as necessary as the planning for the year continues and activities are implemented. After LSBE UCT information is communicated to student groups within the school throughout the fall semester, we will invite student members to join the team as well. Thus far, Jennifer has presented information about the campus climate strategic goal and the efforts of the LSBE UCT to two student organizations in LSBE.

2011 Fall Information Session

Several meetings were held at the beginning of the fall semester to provide information to LSBE faculty and staff regarding the campus climate initiative and the LSBE UCT Spring 2011 Report given to the CCT. During the meetings, participants also discussed their thoughts and ideas related to LSBE’s campus change efforts.

Action Steps for 2011-2012

Based on discussions held at the beginning of fall semester, we have selected several action items from the UMD Strategic Plan to work on this year. The action items and related activities include:

UMD Strategic Action Step 5-H: Assess the work of inclusion on a regular basis and incorporate assessment results

  • Assess faculty, staff, and student perceptions regarding LSBE’s diversity climate to use as baseline measures to inform future UCT initiatives
    • Fall 2011 – Create online surveys
    • Spring 2012 – Administer online surveys; summarize and communicate results

UMD Strategic Action Step 3-B: Physical environment

  • Conduct audit of LSBE building facilities to determine accessibility for individuals with physical disabilities

UMD Strategic Action Steps 6 & 8 : Curriculum/campus life, faculty training

  • Implement activities related to the LSBE teams initiative developed during the 2010-2011 academic year using an external consultant; relation to diversity – in 2005-2006, Susana Pelayo-Woodward conducted focus groups of LSBE underrepresented students regarding teams in their classes and provided several recommendations related to diversity issues
    • Fall 2011 – Conduct first round of workshop sessions for faculty who use teams (or desire to use teams) in their classes; create online team-specific resources for faculty and students
    • Spring 2012 – Conduct second round of workshop sessions for additional faculty who use teams (or desire to use teams) in their classes; assess students’ knowledge and skills related to teams, which includes diversity
  • Invite Junhua Wang, FMIS faculty member who teaches Business Communications, to present her research that examines the cultural competencies of LSBE students to all LSBE faculty

LSBE also supports other UCTs’ efforts to modify current single-stall restrooms to be unisex/gender-neutral restrooms. LSBE has two such restrooms on the third floor in the building.

LSBE report in PDF format

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