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Student Association Report

2. Implement effective, measurable processes to recruit, retain, and support diverse students, faculty and staff (May 2012).

Students (GLBTQAC, Student Association, Diversity Commission, Multicultural Center Student Leaders, SFA, ASSL, CCT)

  • Housing (more training for RAs, implement, assess and expand multicultural learning/living options, design roommate selection and housing options for GLBTA students)
    The Freshman Committee will be tackling this issue once they become assembled. Like last year they will meet with facilities and the VCFO to work on this issue. They will also work extensively with housing to see what the options of making some type of system like this can be done that is still cost effective.
  • Analyze recruitment, retention, and graduation rates for under-represented students; what works, what should change. Look at situation by college/dept
    We will be looking at students in the multicultural center and those that are not and see what keeps them here at UMD. Through the use of surveys that MAC will be creating we will be able to see why people are here. For those of us who also know why people left UMD we will try and see why they left by getting in touch with them.

D. Create student mentoring programs
In Academic Affairs we are trying to evaluate what is the best course of action for this. We are in talks with current advisors for ideas on these issues.

6. Integrate cultural diversity, cultural competence, and social justice topics into the curriculum and campus life, using an enhanced liberal education theme on cultural diversity as a core of this effort (May 2013).

(GLBTQAC, CEHSP, Student Association, Diversity Commission, Disabilities Commission, SFA, CCT)

  • Consider new minors: Social Justice, GLBT Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, Asian Studies, Disabilities Studies
    Utilizing the new Marketing and Communications to survey students about these ideas and other possibilities that deal with multicultural minors or majors.
  • Intercultural competence curriculum integration across all disciplines - content and delivery (Universal Design for Learning); possible integrated intercultural effectiveness certificate; Teaching and Learning Center to advance intercultural competence in the curriculum
    Academic Affairs is currently working with MAC again to create another survey to talk about how multicultural these classes are. We will then be able to move forward on how to bring up with administration that these types of issues are or are not being touched. We really want to make sure that our fellow students taking all these classes from different teachers are getting the same results from the teachers.

D. Internationalize the curriculum
Through the surveys that we will be getting back from MAC, we will be able to see where we can incorporate a more internationalized curriculum. We will be in talks with professors because we in SA have realized how important that the global community is not only to UMD but also to the University system. From the talks with members of EPC or even the Liberal Education Implementation Group to consider these types of things when they take in new courses.

Student Association Members - Fall 2011

Executive Members
Hannah Mumm SA President mumm0032
TJ Kiewatt VP of Student Affairs kiewa004
Travis Lindberg VP of Academic Affairs lindb405
Zack Filipovich VP of Admin & Finance filip041
Ava Heinrich Freshman President heinr057
Molly Tomfohrde Rep to Regents tomfo007
Kevin Wehber Public Relations Director wehbe003
Andy Blackwell Bulldog Taxi Director black543
Alex Aschenbrenner Better Neighbors Director asche088
Jason Reid SLC Director reid0182
Sean Finn M.A.C. Director finnx097
Matthew Weber Rules & Elections Director weber845
Harrison Defries Senate Director defri003
Taylor Glynn Campus Outreach Director glyn0071
Brittany Nystrom Chief of Staff nystr096
Cody Sizemore Chair of Congress sizem001
Alex Carnes Systems Administrator carne128
Tyler Schumann Graphic Designer schum340
Noah Brakke SCSE Senator brakk042
Waqas Ahmad SCSE Senator ahma0097
Cody Dorumsgaard CLA Senator dorum005
Hannah Bode SFA Senator bode0140

CEHSP Senator
Ryan Gormley LSBE Senator gorml023
Kendra Eisenschenk LSBE Senator eisen159
Maddie Reis Freshman Vice President reisx080
Hannah Keil Freshman Representative keilx032
Jake Harder Freshman Representative hard0362
Brandon Breuer Freshman Representative breu0094
Mia Johnson Freshman Representative joh09420
Shiva Persaud Freshman Representative
Tyler Olsen Representative @ Large olsen559
Marc Wawrzyniak Representative @ Large wawrz019
Marissa Rasula Representative @ Large rasu0002
Kelsey Becker Representative @ Large becke701
Cody "Ross" Burns Representative @ Large, MAC member burns543
Ross Halvorson Representative @ Large halvo304
Megan murphy Representative @ Large murph965
Steve Hendrickson Representative @ Large hendr504
Brad Bedford Representative @ Large bedfor017
Erik Miller Representative @ Large mill4940
Amy Van Hecke Representative @ Large vanhe036
Jordan Schnaidt Representative @ Large schna058
Kimmy Newton Representative @ Large newto136
Vicki Weiss Representative @ Large weis0722
Allie Rudin MAC Member rudi0054
Callie Stark MAC Member stark347
Paige Dorman MAC Member dorm0052
David Granlund MAC Member
Grace Yang MAC Member yang2103

MAC Member

MAC Member
Corbin Smyth Advisor csmyth
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