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Faculty Procession Information

Thank you for marching in the Inauguration Ceremony for Chancellor Lendley C. Black on Friday, March 4.

The faculty robing room will be in 135 Sports and Health Center. Lineup will begin at 1:30 pm. You may leave valuables in the room, which will be secured during the ceremony. If you rented a gown, you may return it after the ceremony/reception in 135 Sports and Health Center.

There will be two lines for the procession. Faculty will be seated on one side of the gymnasium, and the staff members will be on the other side. The faculty and staff members will process together into the gymnasium. It is a fine tribute to Chancellor Black that we have more than 300 faculty and staff marching in the procession. Please arrive by 1:30 pm to help us get everyone in line.

Marching order is determined through the Office of Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration. Here's how the marching order is determined:

1) Rank

2) Years tenured in that rank

3) Years total time at UMD

4) Alphabetical.

Administrators holding faculty rank will be placed within that rank. Administrators who do not hold faculty rank walk in together as a group after the faculty.

Thank you for participating. Encourage your students and your colleagues unable to march to attend this historic campus celebration!

Here are the faculty members who have signed up to march:

Seraphin Chally Abou
Praveen Aggarwal
Ann Anderson
Matthew Andrews
Kathryn Apostal
Alison Aune
Jay Austin
Steve Bardolph
Beth Bartlett
Paul Bates
Geoff Bell
Steven Berry
Sandeep Bhowmick
Judith Blyckert
Patricia Borchert
Jim Boulger
Aaron Boyson
Rodger Brannan
Eve Browning
Stanley Burns
Brenda Butterfield
Jake Caceres
Jefferson Campbell
Robert Carlson
Christopher Carroll
Stephen Castleberry
Cindy Christian
Timothy Craig
Stacy Crawford
Carolyn Crouch
Donald Crouch
Eshan Dave
Jannifer David
Linda Deneen
Patricia Dennis
Nancy Diener
Jane Ellen Dietrich
H. Mitzi Doane
Jill Doerfler
Kathy Dowell
Aydin Durgunoglu
Priscilla Fairbanks
Dennis Falk
Hairong Feng
Jason Ford
Emily Gaarder
William Gear
Ken Gilbertson
Dan Glisczinski
John Goodge
Sheryl Grana
Linda Grover
Frank Guldbrandsen
Vicki Hansen
Charlene Harkins
Nik Hassan
John Hatcher
Imran Hayee
Janet Haynes
Nedra Hazareesingh
Stephen Hedman
Kathy Heltzer
Eric Hessler
Timothy Holst
Trudie Hughes
Rachel Inselman
Tom Isbell
Elizabeth Jame
s Joseph Johnson
Tadd Johnson
Jennifer Jones
Njoki M. Kamau
Rebecca Katz Harwood
Georgia Keeney
Paul Kiprof
Carol Kivi
James Klueg
Janice Kmetz
Judith Kritzmire
Robert Krumwiede
Olaf Kuhlke
Robert Kvavik
Michael Lalich
Joanne Langdon
Carmen Latterell
Xin Liang
Dana Lindaman
Zhuangyi Liu
Robert Lloyd
Fay Maas
Mary Ann Marchel
Daniel Martin
n David McCarthy
Marcus McConico
Brian Mcinnes
Allen Mensinger
James Miller
Linda Miller Cleary
Duane Millslagle
Kathryn Milun
Helen Mongan-Rallis
Penelope Morton
Bruce Munson
Chang'aa Mweti
Elizabeth Nelson
Mark Nierengarten
Jacqueline Onchwari
Chongwon Park
John Pastor
William Payne
Paula Pedersen
Gerald Pepper
Susan Perala-Dewey
Deborah Petersen-Perlman
Michael Pfau
Jon Pierce
Donald Poe
Mike Raschick
John Rashid
Diane Rauschenfels
Kenneth Risdon
David Schimpf
Theodore Schoen
Andrea Schokker
Lorie Scott
Terrie Shannon
Paul Sharp
Amy Shuster
Carolyn Sigler
Shelley Smith
Wy Spano
Cindy Spillers
Joseph Staats
Marian Stachowicz
Harlan Stech
Jean Stevenson
Tim Stratton
Megan Streveler
Craig Stroupe
Maureen Tobin Stanley
Ladona Tornabene
Judith Ann Trolander
Bilin Tsai
Krista Twu
Amy Versnik Nowak
Arden Weaver
Jennifer Webb
Zhang Weiqing
Janelle Wilson
Kay Wohlhuter
Stanley Wold
Jiann-Shiou Yang
Nkasa Yelengi
Eileen Zeitz
Mark Zmudy

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