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Staff Procession Information

Thank you for marching in the Inauguration Ceremony for Chancellor Lendley C. Black on Friday, March 4.

Staff members are asked to check in between 1-1:30 pm in the Hall of Fame Room, which is 191 Sports and Health Center. Lineup will begin at 1:30 pm. Staff do not need to wear academic regalia, and there is no dress code.

There will be two lines for the procession. Staff members will be seated on one side of the gymnasium, and the faculty will be on the other side. The staff and faculty members will process together into the gymnasium. It is a fine tribute to Chancellor Black that we have more than 300 faculty and staff marching in the procession. Please arrive by 1:30 pm to help us get everyone in line.

Thank you for participating. Encourage your colleagues unable to march to attend this historic campus celebration!

Here are the staff members who have signed up to march:

Joie Acheson Lee
Anna Affias
Curt Albertson
Mary Allen
Cheryl Anderson
Jayme Battaglia
Josie Bergeson
Robert Borden
Sue Bosell
Mary Jo Bowman
Judith Bromen
Jerolyn Bruns
Tricia Bunten
Nancy Burley
Catherine Caine
Mary Cameron
Jodi Carlson
Lorraine Carlson
Sunshine Carter
Kathleen Chalupsky
Molly Cherro
Penn Cragun
Sharon Cripe
Jason Davis
John Day
Patty DeLano
Jessi Eaton
Jason Ellis
Jeni Eltink
Joan Erickson
Lisa Erickson
Beth Esselstrom
Amanda Evans
Susan Farmer
Julie Feiring
Anna Firoozi
Noel Fitzgerald
Daniel Frank
Mary Gallet
Christina Geissler
Teri Glembin
Deborah Good
Betty Greene
Doug Greenwood
Barb Gundersen
Cindy Gustafson
Chris Haidos
Rose Hallgren
Elaine Hansen
Lisa Hansen
Michele Hatcher
Lynn Hegrenes
Ahmed Heikal
Nancy Heller Olsen
Mary Beth Hennessy
Jackie Heytens
Jill Hilliard
Judy Hinnenkamp
Geraldine Hughes
Matt Jackson
Lawrence Johnson
Alex Jokela
Melissa Jokela
Bryan Karl
Judith Karon
Mary Keenan
Patrick Keenan
Andrew Kimball
John King
Lisa Kittelson
Terri Krause
Kori Kromm
Joanne Langdon
Molly Larson
Tanisha Lee
Cindy Lieffring
Robert Lloyd
Duane Long
Laura Lott
Christine Lovejoy
Suzanne Lyndon
Frank Maragi
Linda Marnich
Linda Meek
Joy Michalicek
Shelley Michalicek
Suzanne Miller
Carly Moritz
Kathleen Neff
Darren Nelson
Leigh Neys
Karen Nichols
Jennifer Niemi
Pauline Nuhring
Jody Oconnor
Rita Ohman
Linda Olcott
MaryBeth Olsen
Nikki Olson
Denise Osterholm
Donna Parke
Susana Pelayo-Woodward
Lauretta Perry
Megan Perry-Spears
Anne Peterson
Barb Pierson
Lisa Pratt
Janet Pribyl
Gina Pudlick
Cathy Rackliffe
Hilary Ramsey
Shirley Reierson
Amy Renne
Vince Repesh
Candice Richards
Roxanne Richards
Lisa Rigoni Reeves
Cat Riley
Jeff Romano
Ira Salmela
Susan Schaefer
Rebecca Madigan Schober
Clint Schoeck
Susan Seabury
Sue Siverson
Julie Smith
Rick Smith
Corbin Smyth
Pam Spencer
Peter Spooner
Carl Stephenson
Jill Strand
Karen Stromme
Pat Sundin
Carrie Sutherland
Audrey Temple
Michelle Tessier
Rebecca Thelen
Dan Tomhave
Paul Treuer
Brian Turk
Hli Vang
Curt Walczak
Janny Walker
Lita Wallace
Lorry Walsh
Kara Ward
John Weiske
Julie Westlund
Carlee Williams
Linda Witzke
Laura Young
Carolyn Zanko

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