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ChE 3951 Coop contract

download a course syllabus (pdf)


Student I.D. Number (mandatory)

Email address

Faculty Supervisor

Session (choose one) Fall Spring Summer Year

Credits (choose one) 1 2 3

COOP Company Name & Address

Dates of COOP Employment

Course/Project Description (see the course syllabus). Define your goals and the specific tasks you plan to do in order to complete them. Use the space below or attach an outline or plan in an email to

Are you prepared for your COOP?

  • Clear starting date and understanding of employer expectations.
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss your academic plans after your COOP.
  • Consider using 3 credits for 3XXX or higher Science or Engineering elective.
  • Meet with UMD Financial Aid regarding student loan policies and procedures.
  • Resolve any scholarship requirements/issues.
  • Resolve any housing issues (local on-campus, contracts, leases, etc.).
  • Request department head letter to insurance companies regarding full-time student status (provide name and mailing address if needed).
  • Request department head letter to parents regarding value of COOP (provide name and mailing address if needed).
  • Develop a plan to complete COOP paper on time, make a presentation, and complete supervisor and student coop surveys.
  • Obtain a registration permission number from the department office staff for ChE 3951 after signing the COOP contract.

Evaluation Procedure

  • A written report as defined by the syllabus. Report due dates are: Fall Semester - Dec. 15; Spring Semester - May 15
  • COOP experience evaluation surveys submitted by the student and employer-supervisor (available on the course website). Due at the end of the coop.
  • One or more presentations to the Chemical Engineering Department Industrial Advisory Committee, chemical engineering class, or the UMD Student Chapter of AIChE. Please make arrangements with the head of the department or other faculty. Document your presentation.

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