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Frequently Asked Advising Questions

Advisement News

The Group Advisement Schedule will be emailed to you.
Attendance of group advisement will release your registration hold.
You may meet with assigned academic advisor in addition to the group advisement.

Permission numbers will expire so be sure to enter them as soon as you can.

ChE 2111 Material and Energy Balance requires permission numbers.

  • Students majoring in Chemical Engineering require permission numbers to register for ChE 2111. Permission numbers will be available once registration begins. See Julie in Engr 176 for permission number, or email
  • Non-majors will be placed on a waiting list and allowed to register as space allows.

Some Upper Division ChE 3xxx and 4xxx level courses require permission numbers.

  • Students must be accepted into the upper division professional program to enroll in 3xxx or higher level courses. Permission numbers will be available once registration begins. See Julie in Engr 176 for permission number, or email
  • ChE 3211 Lab I, ChE 4211 Lab II, ChE 3241 Principles of Particle Technology (Fall only), ChE 4402 Process Dynamics and Control (Spring only)
  • ChE 3196/3296 COOP, ChE 3791 Independent Study, ChE 3894 Independent Research require permission from faculty sponsor.
  • For some classes, we review your transcript to prerequsites and upper division status.

Advanced Chemistry Elective Options for ChE.

  • At least 8 credits of advanced chemistry electives.  Courses must be CHEM 2xxx or higher and may not be satisfied with CHEM 2095, 3097, 3194, 4184, 4185, or 4633/4634.
  • For example, Chem 2222+2223 Quantitative Analysis+Lab (3+1 cr) or Chem 2212 Environmental Chemistry (4 cr) may be used for advanced chemistry electives

Liberal Education Program

  • The following Chemical Engineering program requirements automatically satisfy Liberal Education in Writing (Writ 1120), Oral Communication (ChE 3211), Logic and Quantitative Reasoning (Math 1296 or 1596), Natural Sciences (Chem 1153 or 1161), and Sustainability (ChE 4501).
  • Students must complete courses in the Knowledge Domains of Social Sciences (6 cr), Humanities (6 cr), and Fine Arts (3 cr)
  • Students must complete courses in the Key Topics areas of Global Perspectives (3 cr) and Cultural Diversity (3 cr)
  • New students are encouraged to take courses that satisfy both requirements for Knowledge Domains and Key Topics.

ChE Elective Courses

Fall 2015 Spring 2016
  • ChE 2001 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • ChE 4141 Material and Minerals Processing
  • ChE 5193 Process Optimization/Lean 6 Sigma
  • ChE 5711 Biomedical Engineering
  • ChE 4601/5601 Biochemical Engineering I
  • ChE 4701/5701 Biochemical Engineering II
  • ChE 4613 Air Pollution Control
  • ChE 5121 Advance Thermodynamics
  • ChE 5131 Polymer Engineering 
  • ChE 5193 Process Optimization/Lean 6 Sigma

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Question Answer
1. How do I get my advisment registration hold released?

Students are required to attend a group advisement session or meet with an academic adviser before registration each semester.

The Chemical Engineering Department cannot remove other holds. Please see the advisement staff in the SCSE Student Affairs (140 Engr).

2. How do I apply for admission to the upper division professinal program? Apply online or request a form in the department office at 176 Engr. Students must complete the first three semesters of the typical program of study to be considered for the professional program.
3. Can I use Grad Planner to plan my classes? No. Unfortunately, Grad Planner is not reliable
4. How do I petition exceptions to course or degree requirements? Petition forms are available in the SCSE college office (140 Engr). Fill out the requested information and provide an accurate description of your request. The petition must be reviewed by your academic adviser and signed by the department head (Office: 176 Engr).
5. How do I apply for an engineering scholarship? Scholarship applications are typically due in April each year.
6. Where can I get help with my job search (resume writing, interviewing skills, job search, etc.)? Visit Career & Intership Services, located at 22 Solon Campus Center. Register on Gold Pass.
7. How do I get involved in research?

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) accepts applications in March and October each year. Talk to a faculty member about opportunities in their labs or to sponsor an original research topic.

Students may also enroll in an independent study/research course with permission from a faculty member.

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