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Friday , May 2, 2014; 3:00 p.m.; Kirby Ballroom


Undergraduate Spring Symposium Welcomes:

Nils Petersen

Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta, Canada



“Lipid-Coated Gold Nanoparticles and their Interactions With Cells in Culture”

Gold nanoparticles are popular as potential agents for targeted delivery, imaging, and treatment of diseases.  Lipid vesicles have been proven to work as delivery agents for drugs and therapeutics.  We have combined the benefits of these agents by coating the gold nanoparticles with a bilayer of lipids, which permits introduction of fluorescent markers as well as addition of either membrane soluble or surface reactive agents.
In this presentation, I will focus on the preparation and characterization of these lipid coated nanoparticles and discuss their interaction with cells and their uptake into cells in culture.  The objective is to understand the uptake mechanisms and intracellular fate of these particles, which appears to vary among cells of different tissue origin.   The talk will illustrate how we can use fluorescence microscopy techniques to characterize the localization of these particles within the cell and will outline some of the future aspirations we have for their use.