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Process for Requesting Travel Funds (approved 11/15/2012)

The department will fund faculty, graduate student, and undergraduate student travel to professional conferences and meetings for the purpose of presenting the results of research and scholarly activities.


  • Submit an email request for travel funds up to $750 per year to the Department Head prior to travel. This request should include purpose of the trip and costs for items such as travel, lodging, food, and registration.
  • If the Department Head approves, the faculty member will be notified and the SCSE Associate Dean copied in order to request matching College funds.
  • The GPS Alliance has funding available for international travel. An application must be completed and information can be found online.
  • This is a reminder that the University Travel policy, now requires pre-travel registration of all staff/faculty international travel for University purposes. Visit to register your travel and review travel resources.
  • Note that this is NOT an approval process. Any travel approval requirement is still managed within the departments, units or colleges. For answers to other commonly asked questions, pleae visit

Graduate Students –

  • Travel funds up to $400 are available through the Graduate School.
  • The application form must be completed prior to travel detailing the purpose of the trip and a budget of expenses.
  • This form can be found on the U of M Graduate School website.
  • The Director of Graduate Studies must approve this application prior to travel.
  • Graduate or Professional students who are planning to travel abroad for University purposes (research, coursework, internships, conferences, field experience, etc.), this is a reminder that the University has a number of requirements for students traveling abroad:

    The two key requirements for students are:

    Mandatory Health & Security Insurance:  All students traveling abroad for University purposes are required to purchase mandatory health and security insurance. The cost is $31.00/month.

    Travel Approval: All students traveling to countries on the U.S. Department of State's travel warning list must apply for special travel permission. NOTE: Applicants are encouraged to apply early as the committee review process commonly takes 6 to 8 weeks. The committee will not consider applications completed less than 2 weeks prior to planned departure.

    It is important to note that the University policy applies to all students on any University-related program abroad (including student organization travel), or any overseas program connected to their studies at UMN, even if coordinated or funded through another organization. This includes, but is not limited to: internships, field experiences, coursework, capstones, conferences, and research. Not sure if your students’ travel qualifies as University travel? Contact Kaoru Nunn at

    Students can find an overview of these requirements, funding resources and travel resources at

Undergraduate and Graduate Students –

  • Travel funds up to $400 are available through the SCSE Development Office for presenting research or accepting awards.
  • The application form must be completed prior to travel detailing the purpose of the trip and a budget of expenses.
  • This form can be found on the UMD Chemistry & Biochemistry website on either the Undergraduates tab: Undergraduate Research or the Graduates tab: under Forms/Documents. The link for both is:
  • The Department Head and the Director of Graduate Studies (for graduate students only) must sign this form before sending the form to Carrie Sutherland in the SCSE Development Office for approval.

Applicable to All –

  • Students who receive Graduate School or SCSE Development funding must send a copy of approved requests to the Chemistry Accountant.
  • Within 30 days of the return of the trip (within a few days is preferable) the Employee Expense Reimbursement Form 1612, must be completed and turned into the Chemistry Accountant with all original receipts. (Check here for instruction on filling out the form)