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College of Liberal Arts

Center for Community and Regional Research

CCRR General Outline for Proposals - Center for Community and Regional Research - UMD CLA


General Outline for Proposals

The outline/format for all proposals should be as follows: (Note: some of the outline items listed below may not be pertinent to a proposal.)

1. Project Title.


2. Lead Faculty, Student, Organization or Agency person, with full contact information.


3. Co-sponsoring organization or agencies with full contact information.


4. Project abstract (a paragraph or two).


5. Project Description to include (if relevant) the following:

This section should be no longer than three pages, double-spaced. If absolutely necessary, a one-page addendum can be attached to the back of the proposal. The purpose of an addendum is to clarify the content of the project description, not to make the proposal longer.


6. Tasks of each participant (i.e., faculty, student, organization): (No more than one page double spaced.)


7. Timetable for tasks.


8. Detailed budget with a final amount requested.


9. Matching contributions from co-sponsoring organizations/agencies are encouraged. NOTE, funding from a co-sponsoring agency is not required, but if forthcoming will enable reviewers of the proposal to better judge the "do-ability" of the project.