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End of the Year Awards Reception - Student Campus Awards

CLA Scholarship

      Erik Miller            Stephanie Nelson      William Warren

This scholarship is given annually to selected students who have demonstrated high academic achievement in and commitment to the liberal arts. Students must have completed 60 credits of course work and have an overall GPA of 3.3 or above.

Erik writes, “Being selected for the CLA scholarship is an amazing honor and something that I am profoundly proud of. When considering the amount of applicants that applied, the demanding selection criteria, and the monetary value of the scholarship, it is truly something that I am very excited about winning and thankful to be chosen for. I believe winning the CLA scholarship symbolizes my unwavering commitment to the College of Liberal Arts and the university as a whole. The money that I receive will be used to help pay for tuition.”

Stephanie writes, “I am humbled to have received this award and so grateful for the endless opportunities from the College of Liberal Arts. I am proud to be a part of CLA because this school has so many strong mentors and opportunities for students. Through CLA, I can celebrate diversity, communicate and network with so many people, and walk forward in my quest for knowledge. As a scholarship winner, I plan to use this award to pay for tuition costs next year and get the most out of my education experience as a senior by continuing my efforts with the Communication Club as president next year, setting high standards for my academic achievements, and networking with this great community of professionals. Thank you for this unique opportunity!”

William writes, “I grew up in Washburn, Wisconsin, and came to the University of Minnesota Duluth to study political science. After arriving at UMD, I have strived to become involved with the campus community while also dedicating time to my studies in the College of Liberal Arts. I can’t explain the reaction I had when I opened the letter that announced the scholarship. I am very honored to have been chosen as one of three recipients of the CLA Scholarship. The scholarship will go toward my tuition so I can further advance in my degree of political science.”

CLA Board of Advisers Scholarship

  Nicole Hackbarth
The CLA Board of Advisers Scholarship is awarded to a CLA student who demonstrates academic excellence, leadership potential, and financial need. This scholarship is intended to help offset the rising cost of tuition and thereby allow a student to take full and continued advantage of all that UMD has to offer. The current members of the alumni board have distinguished themselves in business, law, education, civic engagement, and the military, and all of them cite their liberal arts education as the firm foundation that has served them well in their careers. “We hope that this scholarship will help a deserving student have the kind of experience that we all have had at UMD, and that this student will be able to look back from a future career with the same fond memories and gratitude that we all feel for the first class liberal arts education we received at UMD.”

Nicole writes, “I am honored to be the recipient of the CLA Board of Advisers Scholarship award for 2012-2013. This scholarship will aid me in completing my final semester here at UMD, specifically with tuition expense, before I graduate. Though this is bitter sweet as I love this institution and regard it as a second home of sorts, I am ready to get out into this multifaceted world and dig in using the knowledge and experiences I have gained as a student here.”

Ebert Stembler Scholarship

     Nicholas Bonko        Shannon Kinley          Julie Krienke

The Ebert Stembler Scholarship is awarded to CLA students who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. In view off in-state tuition costs at UMD that have surpassed $10,000, Mary Ebert and Paul Stembler hope that these new and impactful $5,000 scholarships “give the recipients more of an opportunity to involve themselves in a variety of activities that they will hopefully find rewarding to themselves and to others. What we hoped to accomplish was to allow others to share the experience, the honor, the special feeling that UMD has allowed us to have over the years and this seemed to be a good way to pass that on.”

Nicholas writes, “It is truly an honor to receive the prestigious Ebert Stembler Scholarship award. Receiving this reward allows me to continue my journey as a liberal arts student. I strongly believe that the principles of the liberal arts will allow me to be become more of an engaged, moral and productive citizen. I plan on using this scholarship to pay for my tuition which will help me come closer to my goal of graduating in four years as a double major minor, debt free.”

Shannon writes, “I was so excited when I found out that I won this scholarship. I was not expecting to receive one, let alone the very generous amount that I received. It means so much to me to have support from UMD alumni, students, and faculty and recognition for how hard I work to excel in my studies. I will be using this scholarship to help out with my tuition. One less loan I have to take out for next year! Thank you so much for your support. It feels really good to finally be recognized for all the work I put into my education.”

Julie writes, “This scholarship is a blessing for me as I approach my senior year at UMD and work toward continuing my liberal arts education. The Ebert Stembler Scholarship will assist me in earning my journalism and sociology degrees, which will enable me to pursue a reporting career upon graduation.”

Virginia and Matt Klemmack Scholarship

    Canyon Bachan
David Klemmack is a 1966 graduate of UMD. He, his wife, and other family members established this scholarship in memory of his parents who strongly supported his academic pursuits.

Canyon writes, “I am absolutely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the Virginia and Matt Klemmack Scholarship Award.  This scholarship helps to symbolize all of my fantastic academic pursuits I have accomplished throughout my tenure at UMD, but this award is not an end itself, but a means to an end.  My time in the College of Liberal Arts is about enhancing my knowledge in the realm of social justice; every class I have taken in this college has given me either an increased awareness as to the wrongs in our society, or a device to correct said wrongs.  As a goal in life, I would like to use my knowledge to help the queer community in our struggles through discrimination, as well as providing support to other communities who have been wronged.  Winning this scholarship tells me that I am on the right track to achieving this life goal.  As for the money, it will obviously go toward my last academic year at UMD, but will also provide me with closure in terms of future debts. As well, the money and the achievement gives me that added push to pursue my master's degree.”

Daniel and Mary Levenduski Humanities Scholarship

  Megan Chartrand
Daniel and Mary Levenduski, natives of the Twin Ports, were children during the Depression. Both came from large families, and both entered the workplace while still completing their high school educations. For neither of them was a college degree financially possible. Yet both of them embraced the value of a post-secondary education and believed that a broad grounding in the liberal arts was important for future success in all fields. They were grateful to UMD for providing this grounding for their daughter and when, in 1988, they sold the highly successful commercial printing business they started in 1950 in Duluth, they began to give back to UMD and to provide support for the humanities, their daughter’s chosen field of study. This scholarship honors them and perpetuates their commitment to the study of the humanities across disciplines at UMD.

Megan writes, “I am so grateful for receiving this scholarship. It is nice to see my hard work recognized. I plan on using this scholarship towards my English and Communication majors. I will be able to focus on applying my liberal arts education by volunteering and participating in extracurricular activities. I plan to study abroad while I am in college and this scholarship will give me the flexibility to do that.”

Frank McCray Jr. Achievement Scholarship

    Chélese Ewart
Frank's wife and children honored Frank's wishes and established this scholarship after his passing in early 2011. Frank often gave credit for his success to his background at UMD. The 1967 graduate (he earned his master’s in 1971) loved to read as a child. This passion pushed him to pursue higher education. Although he was born in Gainesville, Florida, he turned to Minnesota for education and chose UMD because of its small size.

Chélese writes, “I am so thankful for this scholarship. Coming from a home of a single parent raising two children, one of them being severely autistic, this scholarship has been the best thing to happen to me this academic year. I currently work three jobs to support myself, and my family. Just knowing I have this scholarship is a blessing. I’m the only one paying for my schooling, and it has been difficult to balance all of the funds on my own. There are no words to describe how appreciative I am to have this opportunity. A year ago I was struggling to get into college, and now I’m being rewarded for my hard work. I will use this scholarship to help pay for my next year’s tuition. I cannot thank the CLA department and Judy McCray enough for selecting me. I’m not sure what allowed me to stand out apart from everyone else, but I will continue to keep up the hard work, and hope for more opportunities such as this in the future.”

Potter/Lloyd Family Reaching Higher Scholarship

  Kayla Kohanek
In the words of Elizabeth Potter Lloyd, “Higher education is an important part of a person's growth and maturation. It not only assists in preparing one for a successful career, more importantly, it stimulates one to lead a life of continuous learning. UMD is a special place in this respect. It accomplishes these goals and does so in an affordable manner.” Elizabeth was born and raised in Duluth and attended UMD, graduating in 1959. Elizabeth and Stephen Lloyd's son also graduated from UMD in 1989. Based on her personal experiences, Elizabeth Potter Lloyd and her family would like to assist others financially to receive the high quality of education that they received at UMD.

Kayla writes, “Receiving this scholarship is such an honor, and I am so grateful to have been chosen for it. In the pursuit of education, students often must rely on the altruistic generosity of others to propel them forward. And this scholarship is just that: true generosity. This money will go towards paying for the completion of my undergraduate degree at UMD in Professional Writing Studies, and a subsequent graduate degree. Also, I will be completing an unpaid internship in publishing this summer, and this money will help me defray the expense of living and working. Once again, I'd like to thank the donors so much for their devotion to the welfare of UMD students.”

Richter Family Scholarship

  Chloe Meyer

This scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to a deserving student in the College of Liberal Arts at UMD.

Chloe writes, “First off I want to thank those who made this scholarship possible as well as those who selected me as the scholarship recipient.  I could not be more thankful and more honored.  Throughout my three years as an undergrad here at UMD I have learned what it means to be a good student, a good worker, and a good person, and part of that growth is a result of seeing the realities that I never really saw before.  College is where we realize how to be adults, it is that transition from the school world to the real world, we realize what we are good at, what we have to work on, who we are as individuals, and what is most important to us.  This scholarship is an aid to that growth and development for me.  After recently deciding I would double major, I realized I would have to stay an extra year, adding on another year of tuition and academic expenses onto an already expensive college career.  This scholarship lessens that burden and only encourages me to continue on with my studies in order to improve myself as well as to help others improve through these next few years at school.  It is motivation for me to continue helping transitioning freshmen, as well as older adapted students, into becoming well-rounded and actively involved participants of their college experience.  Thank you again, it is opportunities like this that keeps students going.”

Tobin Peace and Non-Violence Scholarship

    Kaitlin Norwood
Raymond Tobin’s family has set up this scholarship in the hope that, through education, young scholars can become engaged with the world around them at the local, national or international level while promoting an ethic of care and working toward peaceful solutions. While the scholarship contributes to the undergraduate Liberal Arts experience, it was founded so that the critical thinking, social engagement and integrity fostered at UMD would shape the lives and livelihoods of the UMD Tobin Peace and Non-Violence Scholarship recipients. This scholarship will support a student within a CLA major who has demonstrated a strong interest in non-violence studies. This student is to show potential for contributing to the field of non-violence at the local, national, and/or international level.

Kaitlin writes, “I am very honored to have been nominated and chosen as the first recipient of the Tobin Peace and Non-Violence Scholarship.  Recognition, not for myself, but for the organizations and courageous people who dedicate their lives to ending violence within our campus and Duluth communities is very reassuring.  I am grateful to know that work centered around equity, justice, and non-violence are valued by the University of Minnesota Duluth, as well as Maureen Tobin Stanley, who created this scholarship.  The funds from this scholarship will help purchase books and materials for courses this coming fall semester, which are often very expensive.”

Freshman/Sophomore Scholarship

   Michael Acheson            Rupa Erie          Breann Thomason

This scholarship is given to a CLA freshman and sophomore student coming from Pine and Carlton counties.

Michael is from Cloquet and pursuing a Criminology major.

Rupa is from Mahtowa and pursuing majors in International Studies and Biology and a minor in Political Science.

Breann is from Esko and pursuing a Criminology major.

Royal D. Alworth, Jr. Institute for International Studies Study Abroad Scholarship

  Justin Anderson
The purpose of the fund is to provide a scholarship that will assist UMD students to take an approved study aboard program. As the fund is linked to the Alworth Institute for International Studies, any applicant should be able to demonstrate an interest in acquiring international experience including, where appropriate, having attended events at the Alworth Institute.

Justin is an honors student majoring in Organizational Management. He spent the Fall 2011 semester studying in Chile and working on a UROP on the Chilean economy.

Robin and Marjorie Blagburn Award

  Casey Bissener
This award is presented for academic achievement, personal growth, and leadership in the UMD Study in England Programme.

Casey writes, “I traveled to England last year with 28 other students and a world of possibilities before me. Quickly, England began to feel like home and those other students became family. It was truly a surprise to be recognized among my peers for my personal growth and academic achievements throughout the year. This award was very helpful to me this year in going towards paying for my tuition.”

Robert H. and Mary M. Evans Study in England Scholarship

  Laurel Wiehe
This scholarship is awarded to a student who attends UMD the year following participation in the Study in England Programme. It is based upon intellectual and personal growth and overall contribution to the vitality of the programme.

Laurel writes, “Receiving this award was a great honor. It meant that my professors had recognized the changes I had gone through over my year in the program; they looked at not only my grades and intellectual changes but also my personal growth. I was involved in the yearbook committee for our program and in many other aspects of the group. I greatly enjoyed my time overseas and to be granted a scholarship was a final blessing in a year of blessings. I used the money to help with tuition for the fall semester of 2011. It was a great help.”

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