Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges

Minnesota places criminal sexual conduct charges into five categories. These categories are first through fifth degree charges, with first degree charges being the most severe. Minnesota criminal sexual conduct and rape statutes contain five categories of criminal sexual offenses. The following outlines the difference between the varying degrees of criminal sexual conduct crimes:

1st Degree - This is considered the most severe charge of criminal sexual conduct in Minnesota. Described as sexual penetration as well as certain sexual contact with a victim under 13 years old. This degree will likely include use of force, violence, a dangerous weapon, and other injuries caused to the victim.

2nd Degree - This is sexual contact without penetration. It is considered very sever because of the violence potential, typically brought against a person if violence, force, a weapon, or threat of violence was used at the time of the act. These charges may also be brought against the accused when the victim was extremely young, did not consent, or was unable to consent.

3rd Degree - This involves sexual penetration again like 1st degree. Age may play a role here as well, for example if the victim was young, unable to consent, or unwilling to consent. 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct charges are considered not as severe as 1st or 2nd degree charges and are described as aggravated contact rather than assault resulting in injuries.

4th Degree - 4th degree criminal sexual conduct charges are typically finvolve a young victim who was vulnerable, unable to consent to sexual conduct, or did not consent to the sexual contact. 4th degree criminal sexual conduct charges involve aggravated contact; however, the victim is not typically severely harmed. Statutory rape charges will often fall into this category.

5th Degree - Sexual contact as well as lewd actions. 5th degree criminal sexual conduct is considered the least severe of criminal sexual conduct charges. 5th degree criminal sexual contact involves sexual contact in which penetration nor severe injury occured.