Review questions for Soc. 4111
Weber, Mead, Goffman

  1. Explain Mead's conception of society.

  2. Explain the importance of interaction to Mead.

  3. Explain Mead's notion of "I" and "ME."

  4. How does one develop a sense of Self according to Mead?

  5. Explain the social act. Why is it important to Mead's theory?

  6. Why is Symbolic Interaction an appropriate name for this particular theory?

  7. Explain the relationship between the spirit of capitalism and the protestant ethic.

  8. Describe and explain Weber's four types of rationality (action orientations). What has happened to rationality in contemporary industrialized societies?

  9. What is an ideal type? Explain Weber's ideal types of domination and provide your own illustrations of each.

  10. How does Weber describe stratification in industrial society?

  11. According to Weber, what characterizes contemporary industrial societies? Explain.

  12. Define power and authority. What is the relationship between the two?

  13. Explain Weber's methodological approach.

  14. What is Weber's definition of class? How does this fit with our conception in the U.S.? What is the down side of defining class this way?
  15. Using Mead, explain why telling Jonny he is a bad boy and constantly berating him for misbehaving might not be the best way to correct his behavior.
  16. Having seen a clip of Woody Allen in Sleeper, discuss Mead's idea of the relationship between meanings and symbols.

  17. What are the negative aspects for bureaucracy?

  18. What is formal rational behavior? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Why?

  19. Explain Weber's conception of ex-post facto experimental design.