Review Questions Exam V
Soc. 4111
  1. Explain how the organic composition of capital and the falling rate of surplus value lead to major changes in capitalist society?

  2. Explain Marx's notion of dialectical analysis using the conception of commodity to illustrate how it is used.

  3. Explain Marx's conception of social class. Why is it so critical to his analysis of capitalism?

  4. Explain Marx's notion of alienation. What does Marx see as the underlying problem with alienation?

  5. Explain Marx's conception of social change. Is change inevitable? Why or Why not?

  6. From Marx's point of view, what is wrong with capitalist society?

  7. How can/have capitalists offset the rise in the organic composition of capital?

  8. How does Marx view human nature and to what extent does capitalism enhance or detract from human nature?

  9. How is surplus value created according to Marx?

  10. What are the major contradictions of capitalism? Explain.

  11. From Marx's point of view, why would capitalists appreciate illegal immigrant labor? What division of capitalists would this benefit the most and why?

  12. How does outsourcing impact the organic composition of capital?

  13. Explain the connection between Alienation, Surplus Value, and Dialectics.
  14. Capitalists pay the proper value for constant and variable capital and charge the proper value for the commodity they produce. Where does the surplus in value come from?

  15. Explain Marx's overall conception of society.

  16. Why is human labor so critical to Marx's theory of society?

  17. How is the value of commodities determined according to Marx? How does this impact the creation of surplus value?

  18. Alienation and Exploitation are two of the major underlying problems with capitalism? Explain these concepts and why they would be considered problems in Marx's view?

  19. What is the dictatorship of the proletariat and how might it differ from a communist society?