Because it was important that Davin's "sacrifice" be, like all good fads, conspicuous, I sent out press releases to the local news media.  I had the notion that if I contacted all of Duluth's  major print and television news sources, I might be fortunate enough to pique the interest of one or two reporters who might give the project a quick mention or a short write-up.  Much to my surprise (and a little to my embarrassment), EVERY news source I contacted (8 in all), as well some I hadn't, covered the event.  I guess I had forgotten that this is Duluth, and Duluth is starving for news.  Not long ago I saw a TV news feature about a man who works at Amazing Grace (a local coffee shop) and always wears a hat.  One day he decided to take off his hat, and the local news was there to bring all of Duluth the important story.  Around the same time, the Menard's guy came up to Duluth.  The press went wild.

So I suppose I should have known that the American Sky Burial would appear in every Duluth newspaper that I'm aware of and the 5:00, 6:00, 10:00, and morning news on channels 3, 6, and 10.

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Here is an excellent article written for the Ripsaw by a friend, Jen Derrick.

I never could have guessed, however,  that the performance would be featured on news shows and in newspapers in St. Paul and Minneapolis.  Joe Suocheray discussed the event on his radio talk show (twice, in fact).  He believes the American Sky Burial is indicative of the decline of education.  He called Davin "a moron."

I thought all this was very exciting.  But I was astounded to learn that the performance was aired outside of Minnesota.  Apparently it went out on the AP newswire.  Davin's cousins saw him on the news in Los Angeles.  A woman called to say that her former foreign exchange student from Australia saw it in the newspaper there.  Rumor has it we were on CNN.  We even got made fun of on Comedy Central's  The Daily Show.

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