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 Anthropology of Food

to Sweet Treats around the World

Tuesday, 22 August 2017, 02:26 (02:26 AM) CDT, day 234 of 2017
BBC Food
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World Clock Cf.: Food Production and Animal Slaughter

Food and Drug Administration Wire
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Sicilian ice-cream in a bread bun. A good solution to a local problem: the Mediterranean heat quickly melts the ice-cream, which is absorbed by the bread.
"Palermo, Sicily
A Fistful of Rice.
A Fistfull of Rice
Claire Kathleen Roufs eating first food at 5 months.
Claire Kathleen Roufs
Eating rat.
"Eating Rat At
The New Year
National Geographic
Desert People, boy eating "grub worm"
Desert People

  Orlan bunting eating

Orlan Bunting Eating

Ortolan Bunting
Taboo food and drink
Chapulines -- Mexico
Pufferfish (Blow Fish) and Fugu
Exotic dishes -- Philippine cuisine
Exotic dishes -- Vietnamese cuisine

the News . . .

Eating Insects
New York
Explorer's Club Dinner
Mexico Tequilla
Vietnam "Eating Rat at the New Year" (ca. 3 min., 2008, on-line)
Thailand "Eating Bats in Thai Village" (02:50, 2008, on-line)

Deep fried insects sold at food stall for human consumption in Bangkok, Thailand.

Fugu no Shirako

"Puffer fish are generally believed to be the second–most poisonous vertebrates in the world, after the golden poison frog. Certain internal organs, such as liver, and sometimes the skin, are highly toxic to most animals when eaten; nevertheless, the meat of some species is considered a delicacy in Japan (as 河豚, pronounced as fugu), Korea (as bok), and China (as 河豚 he2 tun2) when prepared by chefs who know which part is safe to eat and in what quantity."


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