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 The Monastery of Christ in the Desert

 The Monastery of Christ in the Desert


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Purdue Online Writing Lab

Paradigm -- Online Writing Assistant
(Start with "Discovering" and "Organizing" at the top.)


English as a Second Language
Teaching Of English as a Foreign Language

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In the News . . .

  • Beyond Citation -- The Scout Report, November 11, 2016, Volume 22, Number 44
    ["Researchers, students, and instructors use academic databases to find scholarship on topics of interest. Yet it is difficult to get information about how these databases work and what materials are included in - or left out of - them. In response to this challenge, a group of students in a Digital Praxis Seminar at the City University of New York (CUNY) created Beyond Citation, a website dedicated to providing the public with information and analysis about major academic search engines. As of this writing, Beyond Citation features explorations of thirteen major databases, including Google Books, Project MUSE, HathiTrust Digital Library, JSTOR, and ProQuest Historical Newspapers. Each database record includes an Overview outlining what the database contains, available Reviews of each database, and information about Access. In addition, readers will also find a useful Conversations feature, which offers links to outside analysis and criticism about the selected database. Beyond Citation not only helps researchers critically evaluate databases, but also teaches researchers how to use these databases most effectively." [MMB, -- The Scout Report, November 11, 2016, Volume 22, Number 44]

  • Daily Writing Tips
    [When it comes to basic grammar rules, even the most skilled writer can use a little reminder every now and then. The Daily Writing Tips blog was created with that exact sentiment in mind. Every day the team publishes a new article on a variety of writing topics, from a discussion of That vs. Which to 44 Resume Writing Tips. One particularly helpful article, English Grammar 101: All You Need to Know, is a one-stop-shop for basic grammar rules. Readers will not only find an overview of basic sentence structure, going over the difference between clauses and phrases, but also individual sections on the eight parts of speech: noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection. Archived posts date back to 2007 and are sorted into a variety of helpful categories, including Grammar, Misused Words, Style, and Writing Basics. CDR -- The Scout Report, September 21, 2016, Volume 22, Number 41]

  • UW Madison Libraries: Grant Proposal Writing -- The Scout Report, September 16, 2016, Volume 22, Number 36
    ["Anyone who has written a grant proposal knows how challenging it can be to craft a strong and persuasive proposal, especially for those new to the endeavor. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries has compiled this resource list to help anyone applying for a grant understand what funders look for in grant proposals and how to best meet these expectations. Here, visitors can find links to websites that provide tips for writing a mission statement, a glossary of key vocabulary terms that are frequently used in grant applications, examples of grant narrative and budgets, and online courses dedicated to grant writing. These resources are sorted into common types of grant applications: government funding, non-government funding, and research grants, so that visitors can quickly identify resources most relevant to them. In addition to these websites, the UW-Madison Library provides visitors with book suggestions and materials from the library's workshop on grant funding." -- MMB -- The Scout Report, September 16, 2016, Volume 22, Number 36]

  • Purdue Online Writing Lab: Job Search Writing

    [Applying for jobs can be a time-consuming, nerve-racking venture even for the experienced professional. It can be especially daunting for recent graduates who are entering the workforce for the very first time. The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL), well known for its helpful writing resources, has created this practical guide to assist with Job Search Writing. Readers will find four sections to explore: Preparing an Application, Job Search Letters, Resumes and Vitas, and Video Resumes. This last section may be of special interest as it discusses the use of video aids for job applications, from planning to filming to editing footage. Readers interested in a more traditional application may appreciate the ample collection of Model Letters or a helpful discussion on resume page length among other great resources."] -- MMB, The Scout Report, Volume 22, Number 35, 09 September 2016

  • 3,000-Year-Old Chinese Oracle Bones Go 3-D -- Phys.org (22 March 2016)

  • U.S. Copyright -- Intellectual Property and Licensing -- The Scout Report, Volume 22, Number 11, 18 March 2016

  • The biggest writing mistakes new graduates make -- BBCNews (16 September 2015)

  •  Want To Be Taken Seriously? Become a Better Writer -- Dave Kerpen , LinkedIn (21 February 2013)

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 OWL logo, Online Writing Lab, Purdue University.Purdue Online Writing Lab

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers over 100 handouts on English writing skills. The collection could be called an online grammar book or a basic writing course. Categories covered include sentences, punctuation, parts of speech, spelling, methods of citing sources in research paper writing, English as a second language, and general writing concerns such as writers block, proofreading, non-sexist language, resume writing, business and professional writing, and coping with writing anxiety.

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 Writers' Workship

The Writers' Workshop offers free one-to-one writing support to all members of UMD's campus community. Graduate student or faculty consultants will work with you on any writing project at any stage in the writing process.

For more information or to make an appointment, visit <d.umn.edu/writwork>, or stop by the Workshop's front desk in the Learning Commons on the second floor of the Kathryn A. Martin Library and visit with Jill Jenson and her staff. Walk-ins are welcome if a consultant is available.

Look for the Workshop’s trademark wall mural covered with quotations about writing. 

Students in this class have permission to see a Writers’ Workshop consultant for all take-home exams.

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from The Scout Report, 14 September 2012 | Volume 18, Number 37

Writing in College: A Short Guide to College Writing

The Little Red Schoolhouse writing course for graduate students and advanced undergraduates has been a staple offering at the University of Chicago for decades. Over the years, Lawrence McEnerney (Director of the University of Chicago Writing Program) and the late Professor Joseph M. Williams worked together to craft this fine guide to college writing. The guide was created with first and second year students at the University of Chicago in mind, but it can be used effectively with a wide range of students who wish to write clearly and concisely. The guide is divided into five sections, including "Some crucial differences between high school and college writing," "Preparing to write and drafting the paper," and "Revising the introduction and conclusion." An important section here is: "But what if you get stuck? A good solution and terrible solution," which discusses, among other things, how to avoid plagiarism. Throughout this work, the advice is sage, lucid, and well-intentioned. It is an indispensable resource for any and all persons who wish to succeed in becoming better writers in college. [KMG]


from The Scout Report, 01 May 2015| Volume 21, Number 17

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips

Making grammar fun is no easy task, but the Grammar Girl blog, penned by Mignon Fogarty, succeeds where some English teachers may have fallen short. Readers can scan the site by Most Recent Tips, Most Popular Tips, and the Grammar Girl's Archive, or they can simply scroll through the dozens of posts about transitive and intransitive verbs, hyperbole, 'if' versus 'whether,' and a phalanx of other grammatical concerns. The entertaining articles follow Einstein's dictum that "things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler." Each post clocks in at a few hundred words at most, but the author has a knack for clarifying difficult concepts in sparkling prose. A link to the Grammar Girl podcast is also available here. Anyone interested in a quick reference guide or an entertaining romp through the world of words might do well to find their way to Grammar Girl. [CNH]

On-Line Writing Labs and Assistance


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Writing Centers and Programs

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Other Useful Sources

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English as a Second Language

Teaching Of English as a Foreign Language

English Language Learners (ELLs)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

English can be a very funny language sometimes. And it can often be difficult to sort out some of the fine points. The OWL has some good hints on making sense of English as a Second Language—and good hints about English as one’s first language too. Have a look . . .

OWL -- Online Writing Lab, Purdue University
The Purdue Online Writing Lab

ESL Students

ESL Teacher Resources

Writing in North American Higher Education:
A Primer for International Students


Bill Gates watching youth at computer.

Bill Gates
and the Next Generation of Writers

Cherokee language

source: j.b. andersen
Cartoon: Ancient Grammar Policce

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