Tassel Colors for Undergraduate Degrees

Labovitz School of Business & Economics
Bachelor of Accounting (B.Ac.):
Accounting Drab
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.):
Economics Copper
Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.):
Economics Drab
Entrepreneruship Drab
Finance Drab
Financial Markets Drab
  • Concentration: Health Care Management
  • Concentration: Human Resources Management
  • Concentration: Organizational Management
Management Information Systems Drab
Marketing Drab
Marketing Analytics Drab
Marketing and Graphic Design Drab

College of Education and Human Service Professions
Bachelor of Applied Arts (B.A.A.):
Teaching Communication Arts/Literature Light blue
Teaching French Light blue
Teaching German Light blue
Teaching Social Studies — General
  • Concentration: Anthropology
  • Concentration: Economics
  • Concentration: Geography
  • Concentration: History
  • Concentration: Political Science
  • Concentration: Psychology
  • Concentration: Sociology
  • Concentration: Women's Studies
Light blue
Teaching Spanish Light blue
Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.):
Athletic Training Sage
Communication Sciences and Disorders Grey
Early Childhood Studies Light blue
Elementary/Middle School Education Light blue
Exercise Science
  • Concentration: Exercise & Sport Science
  • Concentration: Health & Fitness
  • Concentration: Special Interest
Health Education
  • Concentration: Community Health
  • Concentration: School Health
Physical Education Sage
Psychology Gold
Recreation Outdoor Education Sage
Teaching Communication Arts/Literature Light Blue
Teaching Earth and Space Sciences
  • Concentration: Environmental Education
Light blue
Teaching Life Science
  • Concentration: Environmental Education
Light blue
Teaching Mathematics Light blue
Teaching Physical Sciences
  • Concentration: Chemistry
  • Concentration: Physics
Light blue
Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.):
Social Work Citron

College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.):
American Indian Studies
  • Option: Ojibwe Language
  • Option: Social Studies
Anthropology Gold
Biology Gold
Chemistry Gold
Communication White
Criminology Purple
  • Track: Literature, Language, and Culture
  • Track: Liberal Arts
  • Track: Pre-Graduate Studies
Environmental Studies
  • Concentration: Society and Advocacy
  • Concentration: Policy and Management
  • Concentration: Environmental Sciences
  • Concentration: Applications/Techniques in Environmental Inquiry
Geography White
Geological Sciences Gold
German Studies White
History White
Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Concentration: French Studies
International Studies Peacock
Mathematics Gold
  • Concentration: General
  • Concentration: Applied Ethics
Physics Gold
Political Science Citron
Sociology Citron
Spanish White
Urban and Regional Studies White
Women’s Studies
  • Concentration: Liberal Arts
  • Concentration: Applied Feminism
  • Concentration: Global Feminism
Writing Studies
  • Track: Journalism
  • Track: Professional Writing

School of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.):
Art White
Art History White
Music Pink
Theatre Brown
Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.):
Art Education - K-12 Emphasis Brown
Art History Brown
Art — Pregraduate
  • Emphasis: Art and Technology
  • Emphasis: Studio Art
Graphic Design Brown
Studio Art Brown
  • Emphasis: Acting
  • Emphasis: Composite
  • Emphasis: Design/Technical
  • Emphasis: Musical Theatre
  • Emphasis: Stage Management
Bachelor of Music (B.M.):
Jazz Studies Pink
Music Education
  • Emphasis: Instrumental K-12
  • Emphasis: Vocal K-12
  • Emphasis: Band/Orchestral Instruments
  • Emphasis: Keyboard
  • Emphasis: Musical Theatre
  • Emphasis: Vocal
Piano Pedagogy Pink
Theory and Composition (Music) Pink

College of Science & Engineering
Bachelor of Science (B.S.):
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Gold
Biology Gold
Cell Biology Gold
Chemistry Gold
Computer Information Systems Gold
Computer Science Gold
Geological Sciences Gold
  • Concentration: Applied Mathematics
  • Concentration: Computational Mathematics
  • Concentration: Double Major
  • Concentration: Statistics and Actuarial Science
  • Concentration: Traditional Mathematics
Physics Gold
Applied Physics Gold
Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering (B.S.Ch.E.):
Chemical Engineering Orange
Bachelor of Science Electrical Computer Engineering (B.S.E.C.E.):
Electrical and Computer Engineering Orange
Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering (B.S.I.E.):
Industrial Engineering
  • Concentration: Automated Systems Program
  • Concentration: International Engineering Program
Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E.):
Mechanical Engineering Orange

Note: Students graduating with a double major may purchase a tassel for each major.