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Conduct Records

Student Conduct Records

All student conduct records maintained by University of Minnesota-Duluth are confidential and all disclosures are governed by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Policy on Student Education Records. For more information regarding this policy, please see the following link

University of Minnesota Board of Regents Policy on Student Education Records

Students are encouraged to inquire directly with the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution about the content of their student conduct record. Furthermore, students may also request that their educational records be released to a third party.

For students who are interested in releasing their records to a third party, please access the following form:

FileStudent Information Release Authorization - Word document version

PDF iconStudent Information Release Authorization - PDF document version

Student Conduct Record Retention

Student Conduct Records are retained for a period of 7 years and may be kept longer due to special circumstances such as suspension or expulsion, cases resolved via formal hearing, unresolved cases, or as deemed necessary by the Director for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. (Note: a procedural update occurred in Summer 2018, previous practice was five years after graduation or date of last attendance).

Students may submit a petition to have a student conduct record expunged early. The petition to expunge a record is a courtesy provided by University of Minnesota-Duluth and is not a requirement of law. UMD has no obligation to expunge a student's conduct record.

For students who are interested in submitting a petition to have a student conduct record expunged, please access the appropriate form below:

Administrative Expungement Petition

Audio Recording 

The Student Hearing Panel will make an audio recording of all Formal Hearings. Recording devices of any kind are not permitted for use by anyone in a Formal Hearing except by Student Hearing Panel Members. The recording will become part of the Respondent's student conduct record. These recordings and associated case records are kept for 10 years.  Conduct Board deliberations will not be recorded. If found recording, you may lose your rights to the hearing process and be dismissed. The hearing will proceed without you and you may be charged with Subdivision 4 of the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Student Conduct Code, Refusal to Identify and Comply.