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Science, social science, and art collide at the UMD MMad Lab


The MMad Lab is a mashup of three UMD colleges and five departments, resulting in a high-tech fueling of artistic wonder and groundbreaking research. Check out the article at

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1 day, 2 Colloquiums: "Artificial Intelligence & Research" and "Effective Learning of Probabilistic Models from Structured Data"



Presented by
Dr. Sriraam Natarajan 
School of Informatics & Computing Indiana University
Both topics will be on
Friday, September 26, 2014
UMD Engr 290

topic One:
9:00 A.M. - Effective Learning of Probabilistic Models from Structured Data

Statistical Relational Learning (SRL) Models combine the powerful formalisms of probability theory and first-order logic to handle uncertainty in large, complex problems. In this talk, I will review the progress in this area. First, I will provide a historical outlook of this field by covering some of the seminal work in the area. Then, I will discuss state-of-the-art learning method in this area that is representation independent. I will also discuss about how this learning can leverage from rich human interaction. Finally I will conclude by discussing some of the possible "killer apps" for this area.

12:00 P.M. - Artificial Intelligence and Research      

Dr. Natarajan will discuss some exciting new directions in research and also about attending graduate school for interested students.

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Professor Doug Dunham' Artwork on Exhibit


Three prints, designed by Professor Doug Dunham and John Shier, were selected to be displayed at the conference art exhibit at the Bridges 2014 Conference in Seoul Korea, August 14-19, 2014.

"Yin-Yangs in a Circle",
"Circles in a Yin-Yang", and
"Yin-Yangs in Yin-Yang"
can be viewed at the Mathematical Art Gallery at:

One of them, "Circles in a Yin-Yang" was chosen as the background for the
cover of both the conference proceedings and the art exhibit catalog.

The cover of the proceedings can be seen at:

In addition, the three prints were donated as Object 4,
"Aesthetic Fractals", to the IMU

(International Mathematical Union) "DonAuction"
(, an auction to raise funds for the IMU
program called “Adopt a Mathematics Graduate Student”, to help young,
talented students from developing countries to gain access to assistantships
in other developing countries.
The three prints raised $500 for the program.

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CS Undergraduate Publication


Computer Science undergraduates with SIGSOFT publication success

Laura Krebs and Brandon Paulsen, along with their supervisor Dr Andrew Brooks, have had an article on their beta-testing of a requirements analysis tool published by the ACM Special Interest Group on Software Engineering. Laura and Brandon worked as beta-testers while funded as summer research assistants through a grant held by Dr Andrew Brooks.

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SciTech Experience Scholarships


MN High Tech Association's
SciTech Experience Scholarships

SciTechsperience is an internship program specifically designed to connect college students in STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering, and math) with paid internship opportunities in small Minnesota companies.

 SciTechsperienceis a state-funded program that provides a matching grant to companies to cover half of the intern's wages. This match is a powerful incentive for companies to hire students through our program. There are no fees for students or the companies to participate.

We currently have about 70 summer internships posted on our job board. Many companies are hiring more than one student. Companies are located around the state in the following industries:
* Aerospace and Defense;
* Agriculture, Food, Forestry;
* Biotechnology & Life Sciences;
* Engineering Services;
* Fuels, Energy, Energy Management;
* IT/Computer Technology;
* Mining, Materials, Manufacturing and Processing

Undergraduates are eligible if the student is:
* A Minnesota resident or attending college in Minnesota
* 18 years of age or older
* In good academic standing (2.50+ GPA)
* A college junior or senior with 60 credits completed, or a technical/community college student in the second year of an associate's degree program
* Enrolled in an accredited U.S. college and pursuing a qualifying science, technology, engineering or math degree

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