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Research - The Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAP) at UMD


CLA Technology Grant

Marcie Powers (2011) - Establishing an Integrated Pest Monitoring Program at the UMD Orchard

The objective of this project is to establish an integrated pest monitoring (IPM) program at the UMD Orchard site. The equipment and sampling protocols established this spring will provide the infrastructure for a long-term IPM monitoring program which will be fully integrated with a variety of courses. It will also provide real time data with which students and faculty examine how certain pests and tree fruit diseases affect both the trees and the fruit in the orchard, and when or if any pest/disease control treatments may be needed. The pests we propose to monitor include 6 that are commonly monitored in the MN Dept of Agriculture IPM models (Lesser Appleworm, Spotted Tentiform Leafminer, Dogwood Apple Borer, Coddling Moth, Oblique-Banded Leafroller, Red Banded Leafroller, and Apple Maggot). Each can cause harm to the apples, making them unmarketable or usable for only processed products (ie. cider, apple sauce, etc.).